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And the Winner of the Curbside Cookoff Is…

OK, maybe the voting system for the Curbside Cookoff wasn't the most foolproof on earth. At least no one was electing leaders to rule an unruly country. The worst that could happen is that an unworthy food truck took home top honors.

You be the judge if it did: The winner of the Curby Award was Curbside Cupcakes.

The contest, if you ask me, was beside the point. The point here was to drum up support for this burgeoning food culture in a charged political environment. In that regard, the cookoff was a huge success. Take a look at Andrew George's video from the event, in which he talks to patrons and truck proprietors alike.

  • jburka

    Really? Ew. The one cupcake I've had from that truck was more than I really needed. The calories are much better saved for Hello, Red Velvet, or Georgetown...

  • DCMJ

    WTF is "food culture?" They're mobile homes that sell really good food (for the most part) and often have a lot of regulars. How that translates into "cultutr" is beyond me. Your a semi-professional writer, Carman. Choose your words a little better.

  • Tim Carman


    You may not like the choice of words, but "food culture" is exactly what I meant. These trucks have devoted followings on Twitter, often thousands of followers in fact. They have unique limitations on the size and capacity of their mobile kitchens, which forces them to be both smart and creative in how they prep and serve food. They cannot just whip up a new batch of sandwiches when they run out. These trucks also wander the streets, fighting both cops and brick and mortars to bring you food. They, in short, are a whole new subset of eating in D.C. Hence, a food culture.


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