Young and Hungry

Free Groceries Today and Tomorrow at Union Station


UPDATED: 1:45 p.m. 10/14/2010

This sounds like a joke, right, given the closest grocery store to Union Station is probably the Yes! Organic Market on Pennsylvania Avenue SE? The offer, however, appears legit. I have the corporate PR e-mail right here.

It seems Target is celebrating its newly redesigned stores, which now feature fresh produce and meats and baked goods, and as part of the launch, the chain is giving groceries away. You can pick up a free bag in front of the West Hall at Union Station, where a Target truck will be off-loading the goodies.

You can get your free groceries from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. today and tomorrow. For those driving in from the 'burbs to exploit this promotion, the address is 50 Massachusetts Ave. NW.

If you go there, would you circle back and let us know what kind of groceries Target is giving away? I have to wonder if it's not just processed foods from major companies that are also looking to promote themselves.

Update: A Target PR representative informed me this morning that the truck passed out 3,000 bags in about two hours this morning. There are apparently more supplies available now, but they won't last long. Here's the official word from Target:

"Target is still giving away groceries today “while supplies last.”  The truck will remain at Union Station today and tomorrow providing information about the newly designed stores. "

  • U. R. Kidding

    Wrong barn breath! THe closest grocery to union station is at 3rd ST and Massachusetts Avenues N.E.

  • joan

    The place at 3rd and Mass NE is an overpriced, glorified convenience store. It hardly counts as a grocery store.

  • Kelly S.

    I stopped by this morning outside the US metro - little Target truck handing out free salsa kits (tomatoes, onions, jalapenos). Not sure if they are switching up the offerings later on.

  • Janice

    When I stopped by they were handing out seeds for vegetables... I'd really rather get samples of groceries as I do not have backyard to plant the seeds in...

  • Karen

    At 10:30 AM, inside US, they are giving out tomato seeds... calling that "groceries" is quite an exaggeration.

  • J

    what a stupid promotion

  • dcrat

    Oh the groceries are in kit form, eh?

  • melle mel

    There is a Safeway: 5th & L NW; Maryland Ave & Benning Rd,
    HarrisTeeter 15th & Potomac SE. YES is across the Bridge in SE.

  • CapitolBites

    Don't forget about the soon-to-open Harris Teeter in NoMa!

  • Dre

    The must be a joke what a waste of time...

  • gina

    Ran over there at lunch to find the target gang giving out packets of tomato seeds and the ad circular with a few lousy coupons. One worker said vaguely that they would have shopping bags later. What a stupid promotion.

  • Kriston Capps

    I had to run by Union Station anyhow, so I dropped by the truck at just before 4 p.m. and picked up a bag. They're giving away about five tomatoes, one red onion, and a li'l jalapeno.

    It's a get-fresh campaign, but the coupons are for packaged deli meats and Pop-Tarts. Eh, whatever, I'm making salsa on Target's dime tonight.

  • Kim

    There's also Murray's at H & 6th, NE. (It's not the greatest, but it is a grocery store!)

  • free groceries

    Well, its still free and for sure many do avail it. I wish there's also offers like this in the store where I do my grocery shopping...