Young and Hungry

Judge Orders Rogue States to Cease Grilling

Breaking news from D.C. Superior Court: Judge John M. Mott has just ruled that the Rogue States burger operation is, as Steptoe & Johnson lawyers had claimed, a nuisance. And the burger joint, fumes from which had been contaminating the air in the law firm's offices, has to close up shop at the end of business today.

Stay tuned for more updates from Tim Carman, who's on his way back from the courthouse, once the proceedings are all wrapped up.

  • http://... Kris Kristofferson

    I had the pleasure of recently meeting a couple of Steptoe attorneys. Based on their physiques, they likely have difficulty avoiding fatty foods. Which must be that much more difficult with burger fumes wafting through the halls of their hallowed office!

    Tough to stomach this one as Rogue States is a tasty place. I thought that lawyers were supposed to be easygoing!

  • deecee foodeee

    Any idea if they will have to pay Steptoe's legal fees? That would certainly kill Rogue. Sucks for them.

  • Robert Louis

    More burgers; less lawyers!!!

  • Indigo Surfer

    I wonder how much billable time Steptoe attorneys wasted on this. Add it all up and I bet they could have sprung for the ventilation system everyone was recommending. Add up the lousy PR they are getting over squashing the little guy, and they could have bought out Rogue's lease and moved them into a new place. Ego vs. reasonable outcome. Looks like we know what won.

  • Tyree Trem

    t is an old-fashioned legal throw down in Washington, D.C.'s Dupont Circle. In the case of Rogue States Burgers, though, the burgers have lost out.

    Rogue Burger - Rogue States Burgers forced to move out of DuPont. While the controversy sounds a bit crazy, the law firm that sued had a case a judge found genuine. There is already a new location for Rogue States Burgers in the works, though.