Young and Hungry

Don’t Like Pouring It? Then Take It Off The Menu

I was at a friend's house last night, enjoying some bottles of Great Divide's Hades, a 7.8-percent Belgian Ale. After a few hours, we decided to grab dinner at bar in Columbia Heights. It was late and I knew I had to work in the morning, but I was in the mood for another beer. So I tracked down the bartender and had this conversation:

Me: I'd like to order the worst beer on your menu: a Miller Lite.

Bartender gives a contemptuous look and begins filling a glass from the tap. It's pure foam.

Me: You don't sell many of those do you?

Bartender: It's the first one I've poured all night.

Bartender puts aside the foamy glass and fills a new one. He finishes and pauses before handing me my beer.

Bartender: Don't worry. . . it's triple hopped. (Delivered with contempt.)

We all know that beers like Miller Lite are lacking in a lot of ways, but is it right for a bartender to ridicule a customer for ordering one of them? There's a time for any beer and, for me, last night was Miller time.

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  • greg

    The contempt was for you, not the beer.

  • Alex

    What Greg said. Anyone who states their intention to order "the worst ____ on the menu" is a douche.

  • Sandy

    If you can start with "I'd like to order the worst beer on your menu: a Miller Lite.", I don't see why he can't respond with "Don’t worry... it's triple hopped.".

  • MN

    I kinda agree with the posters above. There's a way to do it with a bit more class. If you're at a bar and just want a schlitz because they only have like 2 beers on tap, then just order the schlitz.

    And it really depends on the bar. Ordering a miller light at Quarry House or RFD is rather poor form. If you don't want a beer there, then just get a gin and tonic.

  • eff_that

    I agree w Bruce -- all beers have their respective time and place -- I love great beer, but can totally understand ordering a miller light after a night of all tripels, double-ipas, etc. he wanted something easy to end the night -- he shouldnt have been treated like a dick for it.

  • pb

    @MN poor form? its a beer! its not dinner with the queen of England.

    I agree with what the title suggests if they don't want to serve it why carry it? I wouldn't be surprised if a smug cloud was forming over that bar.

  • bryan f

    Ordering like that is getting off on the wrong foot. The bartender is thinking "What the f*ck is with this guy?" and so he is going to treat you as a weirdo. What did you expect to hear ordering like that? "Ha ha sir, good one, it is the worst beer but I shall gladly pour you one." How about "One miller lite on draft, please."

  • yup yup

    You set yourself up for that one. Most bartenders follow your lead: you insult the beer? He may too. Get all giddy about Miller? He won't care as long as you still tip.

  • SG

    Typical urban hipsterness. Contempt for anything or anyone that doesn't conform to what they think is right.

  • stu

    why do you care what a bartender thinks? how's this. take the beer, and don't tip him.

  • sigmagrrl

    I don't get it. YOU started the "insulting" off by CALLING it the worst beer. He gave you a contemptuous look because you started off acting like a total d!ck. Why am I not surprised?? Cuz most men in DC ARE tota popmpus d!cks

  • Urbangrrl

    Dear Bruce,

    Friends do not let friends drink light beer.

    Agree with those who said your approach could have used a little more ...ahem... finesse.



  • Andrew

    Pretty much what everybody else said. "One Miller Lite, please."

  • drinkrealbeer

    Your a real meanyhead Bruce.

  • W. Mark Felt

    Kinda of funny given Miller Lite's current ad campaign.