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Dave and Diane Alexander in Negotiations to Sell the Brickskeller


The Brickskeller has been in Diane Alexander's family since her parents and grandparents founded it in 1957. It has also been a pioneer in the local craft beer movement, thanks to Alexander's husband, Dave, who has served up small-batch, hand-crafted brews since back in the '70s when most folks were still sucking down that commercial yellow liquid that dared to call itself beer.

It seems that the Alexanders' time is coming to an end at the Brickskeller. According to two different sources, the historic saloon as well as the attached hotel are close to being sold. According to one source, a small, possibly boutique hotel group will soon take over the property, perhaps by the end of October, and modernize the Brickskeller Inn while leaving the two-level bar virtually untouched. It would remain a beer emporium.

Diane and Dave Alexander refused to comment for the record.

Photo by Bernt Rostad via Flickr Creative Commons, Attribution License

  • SG

    This could actually be good news. But they should have a new (well-capitalized) restaurant group take over the operations of the Brick and bring it back to its former glory... It holds a very special place in my heart.

    I do worry that this "boutique hotel" group would renege and turn it into some loathesome trendy lounge.

  • Paul in Shen. Valley


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  • Mike on H Street

    Last time this rumor came up there were threats of lawsuits...

    "Refused to comment for the record" sounds much nicer.

  • Raul

    If the Brickskeller starts serving edible food, I might even consider going.

  • john

    boutique hotel group needs to rent/lease it to beer people and turn it into the Father's Office of DC... they will make a killing and could help truly revitalize the DC beer scene

  • mani

    upgrading the hotel while leaving the 'beer emporium' untouched would be a really dumb business decision. Brickskeller pub badly needs a re-do. It's so old news that last time I went there it actually made me depressed.

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