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Would You Eat Genetically Modified Salmon?

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You can't open a newspaper or turn to a blog without someone decrying the horrors of this monster, a salmon genetically modified to grow faster, presumably to keep up with the world's demand for the oily fish. The FDA claims the fish, a mutant created by the Massachusetts-based AquaBounty, is no different from other Atlantic salmon, which, as we all know, already sucks in comparison to the salmon pulled fresh from the waters in the Pacific Northwest.

And because the Frankenfish is not materially different from the other farmed crap called Atlantic salmon, the FDA claims the agency doesn't need to put a label on the fish, should it ever go to market for your semi-enjoyment. Oh, by the way, did you hear the fish is only available in female and will have three sets of chromosomes?

So the question for you today, Y&H Nation: Would you eat this mutant?

  • Keith B

    Re: the last bit of that, BFD, Tim. If you've ever eaten farmed oysters in the fall, you've probably eaten triploid creatures. Quick, get your panties in a retroactive knot!

  • Keith B

    To supplement the snark with some substance, read this article about TRIPLOIDS?? In OUR bay?? from 2003.

    TL;DR: Triploids grow faster because they're sterile, and don't waste energy on reproduction. They're also better for the environment if raised in systems where pens are placed in open water, because any escapees are unable to propagate more ABOMINATIONS against the LORD. And FWIW, I've never seen oysters labeled with warnings about the number of chromosomes in them.

    And no, I won't eat these salmon anyway, you're right about Pacific/Alaska salmon being miles away better.

  • Guido

    What a whiny, snarkly little bitch...

  • Juskimo

    Being from AK (and going back to fish frequently), I won't eat farmed atlantic salmon regardless of its genetic background. If nothing else, the dramatic drop off in quality is enough to make it not worth eating.

  • vodka

    Interesting about the oysters! Farmed oysters are mutations that are better for the environment? How do they taste?

  • Report Writer

    Would I eat this thing? What choice will I have if they're not even going to label the darn thing!

  • tuabaxl

    hell. no. and i am pissed about it. only wild salmon from here on out. which is better anyway!

  • Keith B

    vodka, unless you picked the oysters yourself, nearly all food oysters are a product of aquaculture. They're one of the few marine fisheries that don't waste energy on feed (salmon) or pollute the water (they reduce excess nutrients in water). The only real risks are escapees, which can sometimes outcompete local species. There's much more info on the Seafood Watch report on oysters.

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  • J. Holmes

    If genetic modification is enough to lower the cost of fish, I'm all fucking for it! Besides, I'd much rather eat a genetically modified salmon than eat god-only-knows-what generic white fish from who-knows-where because of our horribly depleted fisheries.

    You salmon elitists are welcome to pay $20+ per lb for orgasm-inducing wild Pacific salmon. I, however, do not get off to fish, and I'll be content to pay reasonable prices for genetically modified fish that's reasonably tasty, equally nutritious, and recognizable to me.

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