Young and Hungry

Does Craft Beer Propaganda Turn People Off?

Okay, so when craft brewers got together and did this it was okay. A little silly, perhaps, but we got the point. After all, they make the beer we all enjoy and deserve credit for that. But what about the video above? There's a different dynamic at work when self-satisfied drinkers stand around holding expensive beer and declare they "must educate the average beer drinker." Yikes.

Question of the day: Do videos like this one help or hurt the cause?

  • Alejandra

    It's beer. The emotional appeal seems a little over dramatic.

  • dan riley

    I am a craft beer drinker...unless money's tight, then it's whatever!

  • monkeyrotica

    I enjoy spending time and listening to beer geeks.

    Beer snobs, however, can go f**k themselves and their painfully-hopped session IPAs.

  • J. Holmes

    Can we please talk about Greg Kock's awful t-shirt and plaid sport coat look? I'm glad his beers are better than his fashion sense.

  • Mr. Sparkle
  • Keith B

    Is Orr in the video?

  • z

    I don't know when drinking beer came to be so passionate, but the closer these "crafter beer drinkers" get to sounding like some snoody wine coinsure the closer I want to get with a can of Miller High Life, Beast, or Schlitz.

  • Tammy Tuck and Bruce Falconer

    Alejandro, you don't think the taste of a beer is worthy of soaring violins?

    Monkeyrotica, hilariously ironic as always.

    Keith, no Orr cameo, but we recognize Stone World Bistro (Stone Brewing Company restaurant) head guy Bill Sysak and the rest of the the New Brew Thursday crew, Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski from Hopcast, Ashley Routson, aka, The Beer Wench, and a host of other beer industry and media types. All folks we keep an eye on, and perhaps you should, too.