Young and Hungry

Karaoke, Korean Food Coming to Adams Morgan

DSCN5492_opt(2)Prince of Petworth has been all over the transformation of Kokopoolis in Adams Morgan, down to before and after shots of the subterranean entrance for the forthcoming Muzette.

A sign finally has popped up for the new establishment, and it appears there's an added twist to an operation promising karaoke in nine private rooms: Muzette will also serve Korean food.

Korean dishes are not foreign to the area, of course. The decent Mandu is just down the way on 18th Street NW, though I doubt the place is quaking in its kimchi over the thought of a Korean restaurant where the diners are more interested in impersonating Carrie Underwood.

Then again, maybe Mandu is. Muzette looks to be specializing in noraebang, which is karaoke designed to limit public humiliation. Guests book the private rooms and sing only to their own group. Throw in a little bibimbap and bulgogi, and Muzette may have just tripped upon a concept that appeals to the Adams Morgan crowd looking for self-styled entertainment and some good, cheap food.

I have a feeling this will go over big in the neighborhood.

  • foldingtime

    Booyeah! Let's hope they have some kimbap and soju! By the by, Mandu is junk compared to Adam Express.

  • Keith B

    No more driving to Annandale and back = more drinking at karaoke... win/win!

  • Donald L

    If they do this right it could be incredible - just don't know if adams morgan is the right location. Don't think Mandu has anything to worry about though. They're the best korean in the area.

  • gabby r

    does anyone have any idea of when this place will be open for a business? or a phone number to reach them at? I've looked all over the web, and no dice...

  • Michelle

    Any luck on a finding a number to this place? I'd love to have my bday party there but no luck finding out when it's opening.