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Introducing ‘The William’ Touch-Sensitive Stovetop, But Is It Real?

Y&H isn't sure he's ready to end his love affair with gas and wood, but this contraption definitely makes me want to start flirting. It's like a stove and griddle all in one.

But is "The William" real? I've been conducting a few Google searches to learn about its manufacturer, and have come up empty-handed. I've certainly found this video posted a number of places around the web, with people already gushing about it. But what company is behind it? The name "Custom Signature" technology appears at the end of the video, but when I search on that name and "The William" and "stoves," I come up empty. I've tried variations, too.

Maybe I'm too impatient. Any help out there, Y&H Nation?

  • inked

    It seems like it's just a young designer named Glen Beck's concept right now (he had a website:, but it's down). I don't get the idea that he necessarily has a company behind it. It's an interesting video, but I still love my gas stove.

  • inked

    He's a graphic designer. From his linked-in profile:


    * Design Intern at Ologie
    * Senior Designer at CCAD Design Group


    * Design Intern at Education Dynamics
    * Design Intern at GoalQuest
    * Graphic Designer at Summerfield Advertising

    see less...

    * Columbus College of Art & Design

    Greg Beck’s Experience

    Design Intern

    (Design industry)

    January 2009 — Present (1 year 9 months)

    Graphic design for large national companies, local non-profit organizations. An award winning studio with offices in Columbus and Brooklyn.

    He's also got a number posted: 419.787.7254, and he's on twitter: gbeck419.

  • Gabriel W

    Nice find, thread and minds... Everyday geniuses! Great work cadets... Looking forward