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Are Organic Foods Automatically Better Than Conventional Foods?

The nice thing about this Time magazine taste test: The organics don't always win the side-by-side comparisons.

  • Kim Chi Ha

    but organic is still better for you.

  • Kevin D.

    This seems pretty dumb to me. They're professional chefs, they probably already have opinions on this. Why not just ask them outright rather than using the phony construct of a taste test that's in no way blind? Either this should have been a text article that went into a lot more detail or it should have been a properly conducted taste test.

  • Nick

    I'm puzzled. Even with editorial oversight possibly mucking-up this piece, Ozersky should know better.

    Organic vs. conventional is but one of many elements that can relate (or not relate) the taste-quality of foods. To do this dumb taste-test under the pretense that it is even a tiny bit meaningful or relevant makes me want to call for Ozersky's impeachment.

    It's like finding six random women and doing a "hot or not" type comparison to see if there's a correlation between attractiveness and height. Ridiculous.

    And yeah, "Ozersky's impeachment" is obviously nonsense, and therefore perfectly appropriate.

  • uh

    Damn, you faggots have one lousy-looking website.

  • TripLBee

    Since when did processed, synthetic foods become "conventional"? It's as if food grown in the ground, without poison, is somehow alternative.

  • Keith B

    Nice job moderating, Tim.

  • Sheet Plastic

    organic foods are the best for our health since they are free from dangerous chemicals and toxins ;-*

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