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What Made Your D.C. Beer Week “Best Of” List?

DCBW_bottle_cap1-e1281426021717The second annual D.C. Beer Week has come to a close. Now that the foam has settled and avid craft beer drinkers have begun to re-hydrate, it's time to look back at the week and select some highlights. With almost 80 total events across nearly 40 different venues, for that we must turn to you. Which were the best events and what were the best beers? Any knock-your-socks-off food pairings? How about exceptionally knowledgeable speakers or especially good deals? This is your chance to give some shout-outs (or air some grievances), so let's hear it.

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  • maxi dupont

    Belga Cafe and Brasseire Beck Belgian beer events

  • washingtonydc

    The service at the Big Hunt on Friday night was comically bad--out of four beers ordered throughout the night, the server only managed to deliver one correctly (for example, when asked for a Bell's Third Coast, received an Allagash Black). But! The one that came through as ordered was Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout, which made the entire night worth it and was easily the beer highlight of my week.

  • dl

    I had the same experience as washingtonydc. The Canadian Breakfast Stout is one of those revelatory beers. However, I ordered Founders Black Biscuit and got Allagash Black. All night, the server told us that Beerhive and Hopslam were the only ones gone. by our last round, we got the allagash black and the last one remaining which was... Beerhive. We didn't want to wait for her to print our check so I just gave her my card. An itemized receipt never made it to us. Still, the Canadian Breakfast Stout and the aged Old Coast ale were real winners. Also, the New Holland Imperial Hatter was very smooth but had great hop presence.

  • BigHuntTerd

    Big hunt was a joke (a reminder of why I stopped coming here years ago) and they should be embarrassed for running their usual crap operation on what should have been the best beer night of the week. They were understaffed, they didn't have proper glassware and they don't even know how to hook up a keg properly. I watched them probably pour half a keg of hopslam down the drain.

    The only part of the event that I did enjoy was the three 16oz pints of Canadian Breakfast Stout that I didn't pay for.

  • Alicia M

    DC Beer Cruise!