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Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Siroc

siroc logoIs it just me, or does it feel like the entire dining community has piled on Roberto Donna now that Arlington County has busted him as a tax cheat? Just the karmic payback for a poorly conducted business life, you say? Perhaps. But it’s probably good for our own karma to remember that Donna’s outstanding tax bill isn’t his only outstanding legacy. His kitchens have produced a large number of talented chefs who have, in turn, opened their own places, both the formal kind (Todd Gray at Equinox) and the casual (Daniele Catalani at Toscana Café). Siroc chef Martin Lackovic, an executive chef for two years at Galileo, is one of Donna’s best gifts to the local dining scene. Lackovic’s menus, at once steeped in tradition and slyly creative, reflect a mind deeply invested in Italian cuisine but not always beholden to it. Lackovic isn’t as boldly inventive as Donna’s other prized student, Enzo Fargione. But his approach works better for regular dining. If I didn’t have this job, I’d be a regular at Siroc.

915 15th St. NW (202) 628-2220

  • Nic

    The community is piling on because truth is finally out there. The public has discovered what those who has worked for Donna over the past 25 years already know. Ask Donnas ex employees how many would work for him again. See how many suppliers and vendors would do it too. To many people burned.

  • needle

    Really? I find Siroc's meals to be very uneven, which in turn I find extremely annoying. Even worse than having a bad meal is having a flavorless entree while your partner has a phenomenal entree bursting with textures & flavors.