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Scott Reitz Joins Y&H Team to Blog About Bar Food and Home Cooking

You may have read Scott Reitz's food writing at the Washington Post. Or on DCist. Or even on his own no-holds-barred blog, District Plates.

But starting on Monday, you'll find Scott Reitz right here on Young & Hungry, writing about home cooking and that increasingly crowded (and overlooked) topic of bar food. If you've read Scott, you know he's not shy about his opinions, which is why I love his writing. You can expect the same mix of insight and brutal honesty here on Y&H.

Scott describes himself as an "avid home cook," which I'm not sure completely does him justice. I'd call him an "obsessed home cook." His skills, both in the kitchen and at the computer, were invaluable in putting together the 2008-2009 issue of DC Chefs magazine.

When I asked him to write a little something about himself and his cooking life, he responded, in part, with this bit of third-person biography:

Though lasagna and home spun bar food are his crowd pleasers, he's not opposed to cooking with agar agar, using a blow torch to caramelize meats or wasting an entire afternoon on oxtail ragu and handmade pasta.  Over the past ten years he's cooked, eaten and lived all over the District and Northern Virginia and currently resides somewhere north of Dupont Circle.

As for his two beats for the Y&H blog, Scott has this to say:

  • I don't want to focus on detailed recipes because I think most a really bad job testing and putting together thoughtful recs. I'd instead like to focus on tips that readers could apply to any recipe they like.
  • I think the [bar food] genre in general is under-served, and am perplexed that similar menu items are handled so differently by area establishments.

You'll find Scott's posts on Y&H on Mondays and Fridays, starting next week. Join me in welcoming him to the Y&H Nation.

  • Keith B


  • gansie

    excited to hear from mr. district plates

  • sigmagrrl

    Good first blog topic: definition of "bar food".... :-/

  • Mark S(later)

    The single greatest achievement in the realm of bar food I've eaten was encountered several years ago at Billy Martin's Tavern in Georgetown on a sunny Sunday afternoon: Fried Oyster Eggs Benedict: toasted English muffins, 2 perfectly poached eggs, 10 or so crispy, fluffy fried oysters, Hollandaise sauce. Truly OMFG food. The bar is now set.

  • J

    Best bar food I have had is at Paolos in georgetown. Its not the first place folks would think of but their $5 pizzas and pepperoni pesto are incredible

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