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Would You Drive to Bowie for $1 Craft Beer?


Fritz Hahn over at WaPo highlights what has to be the deal of the summer: $1 craft beers all day at the DuClaw Brewing Co.'s four different Maryland pubs, the closest of which is located in Bowie. I've never sampled DuClaw's products, but I'll say again: $1 craft beers, people!

The main problem, of course, is the drive. With folks consuming $1 craft beers all day at DuClaw, I think I'll be avoiding roads to and from Bowie.


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    Damn good beers. Highly recommend the "Serum" - a tasty double IPA. And for $1? Fuggedaboutit. I'll be at the Bel Air location as of about 8pm.

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