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Lobster Truck Has ‘Em Hooked Already

lobster truck_opt

The Red Hook Lobster Pound truck finally made its debut today on Farragut Square, where City Paper's own Kim Chi Ha snapped this pic. She estimated there were 50 people waiting in line for a lobster roll. She returned to the scene 90 minutes later and discovered the line was even longer.

People are bitching up a storm about the wait, but those who have actually sampled the food are fairly positive:

AnnaJobe on Twitter says the wait is worth it: "great rolls!"

DCBrit on Twitter: "...deliciously buttery..."

WaPo's Jane Black calls the shrimp roll "insane and a bargain at $8."

TedE over at deems the lobster roll "Very good. Not the best, but not a waste of $15 either."

Given the massive lines and massive amount of interest, it's a good thing that Red Hook already has plans in place to expand their rolling crustacean fleet. Earlier this week, Red Hook DC president Leland Morris told me that the company plans to put trucks on the streets in both Northern Virginia and Maryland in the future.

It would seem that Red Hook will need more trucks in D.C., too.


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    Its like the cupcake craze all over again. I just dont get why people wait in these long lines. What a waste of the lunch hour.

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    I was there that day! The wait was not fun and they definitely need to speed up their process BUT I can say, as a D.C. transplant from New England that this was quite possibly the best lobster roll I've ever had. And they gave us free whoopie pies and Maine Root fountain soda b/c of the wait.

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