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The World’s Worst Restaurant Name?

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Last week, while on vacation, Carrie and I spotted this barbecue joint along Calle Ocho in Miami's Little Havana. We didn't stop for a bite; we had already stuffed our faces at Versailles, the famous Cuban place with the French name.

Can anyone top Uncle Toms Barbecue for worst restaurant name?

  • cc
  • eva

    Guessing this was an unintentional name.

    As intentional ones go, Crabby Dick's in Rehoboth is pretty god-awful. And they're tacky souvenir shop doesn't help their cause. Case in point, they sell something called "Seaman's Balls." Yes, you read that right.

  • Dustin

    Up until a year or two ago, on the way to Luray caverns in outside of Warrenton, Virginia was a restaurant called Cooters. It's since closed I believe.

  • Stephanie

    no no no. the WORST restaurant name ever is right here in DC.

  • Tim

    I saw Sacrificial Lamb the other day, pretty God awful.

    I still say Sambo's is the worst.

    Don't even want to hear it about Chocolate City....I'm sure George Clinton would dig on it.

  • TBitty

    Abilene, KS: Birthplace of Dwight Eisenhower, and home to Kuntz's Drive-In.

  • SuperS

    cc, neither can vanilla ice be that much better.

  • mjr

    I always puzzled over "Eat First" in "China"town. As in, beforehand? That's auspicious.

    BTW, Sacrificial Lamb has a silly name, but the food is really good.

  • jburka

    My husband and I discovered what comes after you Eat First in Chinatown. It wasn't pleasant. We have friends who swear by the place, but the after-effects our one meal has kept us from returning.

  • J.D. Hammond

    I've always found The Sacrificial Lamb pretty off-putting, myself, to the extent that I'd just pass by in bewilderment even when I had a kebab jones. But I've heard apocryphal stories (and seen pictures, possibly sh00p'd) of a restaurant somewhere called Fuk Mi, though I have no idea where it is.

  • michelle

    Most offensive? No no no. Cherry Grove, SC has a breakfast place called "Tar Baby's", complete with large neon sign of an Aunt Jemima like figure with a small child next to her. You can kind of see it here.

  • Tim

    I had forgotten about this. We have the worst restaurant name coming right here to DC. "Uniontown Bar and Grill" will be opening in Anacostia in the next year. Uniontown was the name of the Anacostia when it was a whites-only neighborhood for well-to-do Navy employees. How can anyone be so dim-witted?

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  • Mr. Sparkle
  • maud amanda

    Bacchus Nibbles, near Lake Zurich, IL. It's just such a strange, terrible name.