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Five Guys Makes the Best Fast-Food Burger in the Country


So say the voters in the 2010 Zagat fast-food survey, who rated the Five Guys burger ahead of such iconic patties as those at In-N-Out Burger and McDonald's. Zagat raters also liked Five Guys fries well enough to place them second in the survey, right behind the golden spuds at the Golden Arches.

All of this bodes well for the ever-sprawling Five Guys chain, which launched with a single store in 1986 in Arlington. Well, it bodes well until you consider these two factors:

  • That In-N-Out Burger has only 249 outlets, mostly located in the West, compared to more than 600 Five Guys stores dotted all across the country.
  • That In-N-Out Burger actually won the Top Food category among "large chains," which are those "with up to 5,000 U.S. locations entering into the 2010 fiscal year." Five Guys finished fourth in this category.

Last time Y&H checked, both Five Guys and In-N-Out Burger essentially serve burgers and fries, and little else. The contradiction here among the survey results is almost impossible to reconcile — and points out how little importance we should place on them.

  • Riley Rhoton

    OMG! 5 Guys is great! I could go for a 5 Guys Burger right now 😀

  • Cool Breeze

    Are you critics of Five Guys serious? Holy cow, their burgers are to die for! Soooo fresh. And the fries! Actually made from real potatoes, generous portions....what's to complain about?

  • Irish Pirate

    I had my first experience with Five Guys and was impressed. They didn't have grease on the burgers, and the fries was da bomb! Five stars from me!! LOL

  • Jane

    Well, if the results are "irrelevant," why would you take the time and space to report them? They might be "irrelevant" to you, but to someone who's not been to Five Guys could use this report as impetus to try them out. You didn't say the survey was wrong; just that it was "irrelevant." So, again I ask...why even talk about it?

  • Jeff

    Ha Ha...McDonald's is the absolute bottom of the barrel. I haven't eaten there in years.......

  • Burr Gurr

    Five Guys likes to promote themselves from within and there are no other choices for burger joints within the area that they were voted. Five Guys is overpriced, they dump all the fries on top of everything which is messy, and the burgers are not that great. They're just trying to take over everywhere and put decent long established burger places out of business (besides McD's). Five Guys is No Big Deal. The best thing is to support your local, mom and pop burger joints. Support your local economy!

  • Burr Gurr

    White Castle burgers are nasty, soggy-bunned heart stoppers, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In-N-Out Burgers are perfect!

    Zac's Burgers in CLT are infamous!

  • rk

    I like their burgers because they taste fresh. They are very greasy and I cannot eat a regular burger (they are very big). I always have a smaller cheeseburger. I wish they had a shake but they don't. Their fries are OK but I like McDonald's fries more. They don't have this franchise in every city. I still like Five Guys more than McDonald, Burger King or Hardees.

  • jason

    Culvers is the best!

  • Cest La Vie

    The survey must have been completed with folks who were really, really hungry, because that greasy hamburger joint over time, is what's keeping the hospitals & medical clinics in business for a long, long time. When your inside, you can wipe the grease from the atmosphere from the french fries & burgers off of your forehead, never mind what you've inhaled into your body, while your waiting or eating there, as well. Come on Zagat, this has got to be a joke or something,right??

  • Dave

    Your last statement confuses me. If these surveys should not be payed any attention, the why would you write and article about the survey?

  • Chuck

    Who ever took this survey must be high - I've had both burgers and 5 guys straight up sucks...In-N-Out is the best burger by a longshot...and their fries are #1 too!!!

  • http://none George Mullins

    I have been associated with Five Guys for four years and now with bad income and near bankrupsy it has been sold at a loss.To pay 7% of gross is hard on top of rent and mortgage and payroll.No help from Five Guys by National Advertizing or sales promotiion. No signs on highway are allowed.No Local sales gimics allowed. No two for one or special sales allowed.

    Five Guys needs a better LOGO. Questions like "Is that a "moving company" or what? No suggestion that it's a eating place with good burgers until you read the FINE PRINT of "burgers and fries"

    When you are surronded by other eating places, how do you compete.

  • Peter

    Burgers suk, over priced.

  • Toddster

    Got a 5 idiots 2 blocks away from me in Maryland. I want a real burger, I go to IN-N-OUT Las Vegas. Case closed.

  • Gavin

    Tried 5 guys a month ago because people were talking it up. I thought it was ok, but $10.00 for burger, fries, and drink, no thanks. Taste was ok. Fries were way to greasy for me.
    In and Out is better and better priced. Wendy's double stack with cheese is the best burger value out there!

  • Dawn

    Five guys, are you kidding. I had one years ago and have never gone back since. I make better burgers at home!

  • Freude

    Been there, done that. Really not up to all the hype. The bun was doughy, the meat was over-cooked, the fires were just plain bad and the place was too noisy.

    Zagat and others need to have their tastebuds and their ears examined.

  • http://yahoo sylvester

    Mears burger in OKla. It's only one restaurant. No chain. I've had in and out, and several on here, But mears near Lawton, Ok is as good as it's rep. They have been included in a national burger taste contest by people who gao around the country doing just that.

  • 5What?

    I'm amazed they call this a national survey. Five Guys isn't available anywhere within about a 200-mile radius of my town and I've never even seen an In and Out. Obviously, the polling for this "so-called" national survey took place in select large cities and the results are therefore tainted. There's really no such thing as a good fast food burger (Sonic comes close). The best burgers aren't served in a burger chain, they come from bars, taverns, mom-and-pops and places with a faded "Eats" sign out front. Try a "Little Bastard" at Fatboy's Grill in Shreveport, Louisiana. You'll realize how frivilous this whole survey is.

  • Joe

    For those that say the burger is overpriced, yes, if you get just ketchup on it and nothing else, the burger does cost too much, given at about $4.50. However, you can have about 20 different toppings of your choice. I usually get all on it except mayo, so it's quite a big burger then. 5-guys is way better than fast food and it tastes better than most "family restaurant" types.

  • Jon

    I tried this place out after reading all the hype. It's OK good but very over-rated in my opinion. All the articles talk about how huge and monstrous these things are, I was very disappointed in that regard. It is really no bigger than a Wendy's double when all is said and done and personally I find Wendy's to be more satisfying.

  • genestr

    when you all want to try a good burger, go to tommys in california. the just dont come close. sorry guys.

  • Mark D

    Okay, just so that we can all save some time here, please use the following template when posting comments on this board:

    (CHOOSE ONE) 5 Guys/In 'N Out/McD's/Burger King/Wendy's/OTHER hamburgers (CHOOSE ONE) Suck/Are The Best Ever/Are Just Okay/Are Good Enough To Convert Lifelong Vegetarians.

    Their fries are (CHOOSE ONE) To Die For/Will Kill You/Not Bad/Give You Gas, and their service is (CHOOSE ONE) Horrific/The Best In The World/Fair/So Slow That It Makes Watching Grass Grow Seem Speedy In Comparison.

    I have never even tasted one of the burgers in this survey, but (CHOOSE ONE) Feel Compelled To Comment Anyway/Just Need To Connect With My Fellow Man/I'm An Arrogant Know-It-All Who Loves Inflicting His Opinion On Others/Decided To Troll Here Instead Of Going On A Shooting Rampage.

    Thank You,
    The Management

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  • Craig in TX

    We have 5 Guys in Texas and indeed their cheeseburger (2 patties) is very good ... comparable in taste to the In-n-Out Double Double. IMO, the INO fries (well done) are massively superior to 5G which although fresh, sit under a heat lamp for a few minutes.

    Also, at INO, the DD, fries and a drink costs less than the cheeseburger alone at 5G.

    It's a slam dunk for INO.

    Also, this review is for FAST FOOD burgers ... the best burgers are always those served at the small bars and dives ...

  • rebecca

    I think u all don't no what u are talking about I LOVE FIVE GUYS and everything is fresh and handmade burgers so if u wanna compare that to 2 dollor burger u are CRAZY U ARE PAYING FOR QUILT i also work there so i no how much it cost to make that burger and it's not cheap i have been to in and out burger blahhhh i rather eat frozen

  • rebecca


  • Deez Nutz

    Have you ever had Five Guys in your mouth?

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  • paneed

    Congratulations to our friends up the road. Five Guys burgers are wonderful. Great burgers and fries at a great value.

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  • fred

    This overpriced, dry, greasy, salty Double Double Animal Style clone will end up here in So Cal just like Krispy Kreme and Boston Market.

    A immediate phenomenon that turned into a complete dud!

  • Gene

    Told Ya, Tim...

  • Z4Lloyd

    I ate at 5 Guys once and never again. Over priced and over cooked.

  • sl

    Five Guys makes a decent burger, but it is so overpriced no one I know will eat there.

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