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Y&H Goes All Beer: What Are You Thirsty For?

da_titleYou may have already heard that Tim Carman is going on vacation next week, which leaves The Lagerheads, The Beerspotter, and guest blogger Greg Engert of ChurchKey running the show on Y&H. That means we'll be doing ALL BEER posts ALL WEEK. Oh, yeah!

We'd like to take this opportunity to run a Dear Abby-like interactive feature with our readers. Here's how it will work. You comment to this post with a question or topic you would like the beer bloggers to discuss, and at least one, if not all three of us, will respond. Those of you who prefer can email us at

Questions or topics can be anything from "Which is better–draft or bottle?" to "You guys are always raggin' on Bud. What's so bad about it?" to "Where's the best place to get cask ale in DC?" We'll tell you what we think and then you can let us know what you think.

So let's get started. Basic beer questions, thought-provoking issues, our takes on anything beer-related–ask away.

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  • dan riley

    Here's something I've been wondering: Why are there so few craft pilsners out there? I'm a big fan of that style of beer and can't help but notice that IPAs and whatnot dominate the shelves. What's up with that?

    Sidenote: If you see Goose Island Pils anywhere please post so I can go buy all of it. Thanks!

  • AJ

    I would be interested to hear about the quirks in DC liquor/beer laws and the challenges/benefits of obtaining beer in DC. Its interesting how Greg and other beer directors end up with Russian River/Lost Abbey/Port/Captain Lawrence beers for sale, when they aren't distributed.

    "Domestic Importation" is the new hotness and DC laws are ripe for it, so we're in a really unique situation. Let's get some background!

  • Richard

    Beer all week during a heat wave? I can hardly wait to watch the beer bellies grow. :-)

  • S.B.

    Why doesn't DC have much of a homebrew community? One store in far from transit Falls Chruch does not exactly lend itself to community. And on a similar note why does Dogfish Head pick such terrible locations for the alehouses?

  • Garlic Housefires

    I've heard great things about Fat Tire, including that it's not frequently found around here. Know of any places I can try it?

  • Drew

    S.B., DC has a decent homebrewing community. Check out and consider coming out to the next meeting. And while Seven Corners (and Columbia, Md.) might be considered quite a hike to some, you can order anything you need from sites like Northern Brewer, Rebel Brewer, More Beer and even our very own Maryland Homebrew. While DC could use a homebrew store, everyone in the city already has access to all the equipment and ingredients they need.

  • NW Refugee

    I would be interested to hear more about Cascadian Dark Ales (aka Black IPAs). I tried the 21st Amendments Back in Black at ChurchKey a couple of weeks ago and was blown away. Also, does anyone know if any of these ales can be bought around here?

  • Josh

    I would like a discussion on knowing what types of beers to cellar and for how long.

  • VTJawo

    NW Refugee: I have seen Back in Black at the P street and Fair Lakes Whole Foods. I would imagine that you should be able to get it at other local beer stores as well. You should also check out Stone's Sublimely Self-righteous, their version of a Black IPA which is also very delicious.

    I would like to second Josh's idea about how long to age beers. Talking with DFH founder Sam Calagione, he mentions WWS and 120 min are best after 12-18 months of aging. How does this carry to other less potent beers?

  • Coffebreath

    I'm interested in:

    1) Ingredients sourced from the District or metro area used in commercial craft or homebrew

    2) DC laws that impact the craft seen - what does it take to open a bar, brewpub, or for a convenience store to get a license to sell beer

    3) Best neighborhood bodegas with surprising beer selection

    4) Guidance on how to read freshness labels/best buy dates, and which brewers include them, for commonly available craft

  • Dave H.

    I'd be curious to see a write up regarding distribution channels and why, while we're seeing an uptick in beers from out of the immediate area (Great Lakes, Bells, Founders), there are still some great breweries (Long Trail, New Belgium, etc) that we simply can't get around here. Is it a shipping/supply issue on the brewery side or are there laws/costs associated with the DC metro area that make it prohibitive?

  • tomaj

    May I humbly suggest that perhaps it is time for a separate beer blog at the City Paper? Those of us who love food but have a less-than-obsession for beer are used to skipping over the numerous beer blog posts here at Y&H, but if you’re going to go almost-all-beer almost-all-the-time, that’s a bit beyond the pale. Over at the new Lagerheaded Beerspotters Blog (LBB), you can discuss the burning questions such as:
    1. Can or bottle?
    2. Green or brown bottle?
    3. 12 or 12.5 ounces?
    4. 5 or 5.5% alcohol?
    5. Does a green shirt really go with a green bottle, and brown with brown, or does the inverse look better?
    6. During a tasting, do you swirl beer in the glass to the left or to the right?
    7. After the ninth bottle, should I fall off my barstool to the left or to the right?

  • Jonathan

    I'd like to know why we have such a healthy beer bar/restaurant scene, but so few local breweries? Is this a matter of DC law, or culture?