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Ren’s Ramen to Close on Friday, August 20


The news has been long speculated, but now it's true: The area's best Japanese noodle shop, Ren's Ramen, will close on Friday, August 20.

Owners Yoko and Eiji Nakamura had been subletting their tiny space from Daruma Japanese Market, but when the market closed earlier this year, the couple negotiated a month-by-month lease with the landlord.

"If somebody wants the whole space, we [had to] get out," says Eiji Nakamura, the chef behind Ren's. "Now somebody wants the whole space."

So Ren's must leave. But the Nakamuras are looking for a new space, whether in Bethesda or in the District. They don't have a space in mind yet, but they are resolved to resurrect Ren's as soon as possible.

  • monkeyrotica

    The fact that they're the best ramen shop in the area is too depressing to even think about.

  • xuhui

    Extended now to Sept 4. They changed the sign as I was chewing on my miso ramen this afternoon. From what I overheard, they're looking to stay in the Bethesda area.

  • Rachel

    Nooooooooo good lord this place can't close.
    That's just about as articulate as I can possibly be, faced with this bad news.

  • Kelly

    They need to re-open stat. No doubt. Maybe because I've never been to Japan I'm missing a key piece of data, but I don't understand all the hatin' on Ren's. Ok the price is a bit much, but to me the soup n' noodles deliver.