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Ray’s Hell Burger: CityVista Bound or Not?


The question of the day is whether or not Ray's Hell Burger, the prez's preferred patty, will be opening a D.C. location at CityVista. Prince of Petworth, as is our liege's habit, teases us with such a rumor.

But DCist, you know, actually did some reporting and asked owner Michael Landrum if he's planning an expansion. He waffles on the subject. "While Landrum did not outright deny the possibility of a City Vista Ray's location, he told DCist that he regularly fields offers from a number of developers," wrote Jamie R. Liu.

Personally, I'd call Landrum for further clarification, but I don't have the time right now for a 45-minute conversation. More to come on this subject, no doubt.

  • Bruce

    Where is there room for a Ray's location in CityVista? As far as I know, CityVista only has two vacant storefronts. One is slated to host a Korean restaurant, and it's been reported that the other (the former T-Mobile store) will not be a restaurant because of zoning or an agreement with Safeway.

  • GoonieGooGoo

    I am afraid that Ray's will suffer the price that FIVE GUYs suffered (though Ray's will not franchise like them) that it will not be as good as the original we remember.

    With the # of quality burger places that have popped up in recent years.....everyone has their favorite.

    I like RAY's burgers...but its not my favorite by a longshot