Young and Hungry

Twitter-verse to Georgetown Cupcake Fans: You’re Insane!


The reaction was swift (and harsh) to last week's photo of people sweating outside for their chance to buy a Georgetown Cupcake. Here's a sample of what the Twitter-verse had to say:

@Staceyviera: (Ppl are sheep. SHEEP!)

@ja3: More proof that people will always exceed my expectations for stupidity.

@MysteryPollster: this photo denotes peak of the fad

@TeresaKopec: Do those cupcakes have little crack bags in the middle?

@fat_nat: insanity, clearly, esp when baked and wired is so close and so much better

@Buffalo_Theory: This is why I hate humans...and Georgetown!

@MuddyMaeSuggins: Insanity. No cupcake is worth that.

@LeahWise: This is a daily occurence – I work nearby. It boggles the mind. I love a cupcake, but seriously.

@jamie_bear: My only comment is what is wrong with these people?

@MacFarlaneCOXTV: Watching the TV show is even worse

@andersonfariss: Utter insanity

@NotDerbyPie: um...people know they can *make* cupcakes at home, right?

  • Taylor

    these cupcakes are amazing!

  • J

    They are making money hand over fist. I think there are drugs in those cupcakes

  • JC Gibs

    I think people should worry about their own acts. I haven't done that line, I don't think I would, but if some other people want to do it, let them be.