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It’s 100 Degrees Outside, but People Still Need Their Cupcakes


I was just driving through Georgetown about an hour ago when I snapped this picture. Best I can tell, there are nearly 40 people waiting in line to get their Georgetown Cupcake.

Not just waiting in line, mind you, but waiting in line on a brick sidewalk on a 96-degree day (which feels like 102, according to WaPo) for the chance to buy a cupcake. I'm not sure what I would consider the more inhumane treatment: waiting for a tiny frosted treat during this hell's broiler of a day or watching the new TLC reality show based on Georgetown Cupcake.

  • John

    Sad... And they're not even THAT good. Let's think about this. The time you could have spent in line might be better spent mixing up a batch of Duncan Hines. Once the mix is complete you do other things. When the baking is done, you have 12x the cupcakes for about 1/3 the price of one boutique cupcake. Added bonus, your box cupcakes are 2x as moist.

  • Kat747

    Sure... but you're .5x as hip.

  • Richard

    It is too darn hot to stand outside for anything except free money.

  • Melissa

    Yeah, but I mean, it's not as bad as Magnolia Cupcake:


    Oh i guess me writing the truth about how bad your customer service is and how rude you all are and how you will not make right the horrible cupcakes that you sent me and my husband right and how you pretty much told us to shove it that they are industrial made now and you falsely advertise the perfect swirl our cupcakes were perfect crap hope yall will actually fix it instead of making me repost all day on yalls facebook so that people will know how fake and crappy yall are.yeah cause deleting what we have to say about your buisness when you are in the wrong is really mature. thanks alot for nothing. and another thing you ought to be ashamed of robbing pretty much two active duty wounded military members with 3 kids and one on the way and i have to pay 55 dollars to get these cupcakes yall are fakes and liars and i will do what i have to to expose you for what yall are. Hope this will make you decide to fix our cupcakes and give us an apology for your rudeness.

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