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The Early Reviews of ‘D.C. Cupcakes’ Are Not So Sweet

D.C. Cupcakes premiered on Friday while Y&H was busy doing more important things. Like testing my muscle reflexes with a dull pick-ax.

But plenty of others watched the back-to-back episodes on TLC, and the early reviews of the behind-the-scenes series on Georgetown Cupcake aren't pretty:

  • Jezebel sees nothing but lies, lies, lies: "D.C. Cupcakes, on the other hand, is the worst kind of TLC reality: every single aspect of this show seems fake and forced, with the exception of the cupcakes themselves, which actually look pretty good, and would probably look better if they weren't surrounded by a pile of LIES."
  • Tampa Bay Online wants more blood, less baked goods: "It's a fun show to watch, especially if you're hormonal and craving baked goods. But oh, how I long for the simpler days when there were more "Law & Order" episodes on per week than cake and cupcake shows."
  • The Fab Empire wants a few less cue cards: "Although we all know that most reality shows are still based on some sort of script, the sisters, who seem much more interesting than what actually happens inside a bakery, seemed to be actually reading from the script. A friend who watched with me said, “They just seem so out of place inside the kitchen. Do they actually still bake there?”
  • The DC Urban Moms and Dads forum wasn't so nurturing: "I can't believe TLC actually thought what they aired was entertaining. I was actually looking forward to watching this because of its local draw, but found myself constantly walking off to do things around the house because I was so bored!"
  • clairez

    UGH this show is terrible. All they do is fight and they're both so annoying. I watched about 5 minutes of it and I HAD to change the channel.

  • Celine

    Sooo bad! I'm glad I am not alone.. I literally fall asleep to this show.

  • Adele

    FONDANT ARTIST?! She cut out a dog with the cutter. Then stuck it on a Cupcake. FONDANT ARTIST. BY FAR. Holy Take-these-Kids-out-of-a-bakery, Batman!

  • lely

    I love this show.
    So FFFF you HATERS!!!

  • Cassie

    I'm sorry that these "entrepreneurs" are being trashed so badly. But we gotta accept the fact that they are not actors and that the show is terrible boring and cheesy.

  • cypora

    I am watching the much hyped wedding special and realize I am, once
    again, wasting my time and intellect. Mommy, mommy, mommy come
    the cries - truly disgusting! And if the hype ropes you in because of the
    tie-in with Princeton's why embarrass the store by not getting the dress there - were they fishing for a discount. That was not classy! Please get rid of
    this show! I can't take it...

  • cypora

    that should be Kleinfeld's!

  • Amy

    I think this show its amazing and I love it.I do not it is forced or corny.they r not supposed to be amazing actors since it is a reality. I think the show should stay the way it is!:):):):):)

  • Amy s.

    And also this show is far from boring…they r sisters they fight it's not a big deal if u see any other reality shows with sisters they will fight.the cupcakes are amazing I have had them.I love ur show Katherine and Sophie ur amazing.

  • Amy s.

    Amy and Amy s is the same person

  • Chelsea

    I agree that this show is terrible! The sisters are brats and so immature. I hate the way that they treat their staff and act so ditsy all of the time. It's all just so annoying!

  • Wolfie

    Acckkk-just watched this show on Netflix
    This is the most horrible reality show - no one is likeable and I especially can't stand RUDE Sophie-but Katherine isn't much better. If I heard Mommy one more time I thought I was gonna wig : /

    "whoever signed for these is getting fired!"

    W I L L
    N E V E R
    F R O M
    T H E S E
    A W F U L
    W O M E N

  • Megan

    This show is the worst thing I've ever watched, I love cooking shows and baking shows. I really like how cake bakers can pull things together at the last min. To make something beautiful. But this show is not only annoying from the sisters that are on the show, but there work sucks. There cup cakes are said to be really good but, they are terrible actors, and I can't believe some of the things that the people pay for on the show. The statue of "mama" looked terrible and a lot of the others I could do this good with out any talent or schooling. .... You are paying for them to be on tv with no talent? What is the point!

  • Sandra

    HOLY CRAP! I don't know what I would do if I heard "Mommy" one more time! You're full grown women her name is 'Mom' only toddlers say Mommy.
    The show is okay but there isn't much drama like 'Cake Boss'

    This is supposed to be a reality show but it SUCKS!

  • Hope

    It's not that they call their mom "Mommy" that bothers me - apparently that's the woman's general nickname and everyone calls her that - it's the horrible whiny tone. The way they say it begs to be followed with a whine for a toy or cookie. Also, show is ridiculously fake - Mommy drops fondant on the floor during a rush-rush, they all get huffy, and it turns out the machine is backwards so stuff has no place to land? Next time I'm baking I'll hold the bowl upside down and ask my DH why the batter fell out. That should get me a show on TLC. And I don't understand why anyone would wait in line for hours for a cupcake. Had one from them the other day at a wedding and it was kind of dry and very bland. Not bad but forgettable. Maybe that was one of the eight weddngs in one weekend and it threw their game off.

  • Mai Distrata

    I find it vary annoying that they are always calling their mom "Mommy" I believe they should grow up and not whin so much!!!

    I don't let my kids watch this showit is SO HORRIBLE!

  • Olivia

    This show is just a knock off of cake boss!!! TLC did good with cake boss but what were they thinking with this show!? The 'amazing' cupcake sculptures look like crap!!! They just tape cupcakes to cardboard and ice them!!! Or they use tooth picks!!! And Sophie is the worst! She's always so mean and stupid to her sister she acts like she's a three year old ( with way too much makeup on) She so bossy and that raised eyebrow smirk makes me wanna slap her!!! The other sister is ok, she doesnt try to force the acting as much. That's another thing ' the acting' really sucks!!! I know it's hard to focus with a huge camera in front of u but still they're not ready. And the baker andres, CUT UR HAIR OFF AND SHAVE TJAT AWFUL BEARD!!! Or wear a hairnet at least!!! And the pink rain boots? Grow up...

  • maddie

    i like this show alot but some things can be really weird about this show LOL i really ean t to try there cupcakes are they any good??

  • elizabeth arledge

    So me and my friends were wondering!!!! do the cupcake statues they make, are they edible or do they have a seperate set of cupcakes

  • Averi

    I love the show y'all are amazing there was no resin to stop it y'all are so rude to sophie and Katherine they inspired me I love it

  • Nene

    This show has delicious cupcakes but oh my gosh, freakin annoying ass girls. Everything they do and say is a "blonde" move. It annoys the heck out of me. Cant even watch it.

  • Alice

    Just started watching this show today,because I love cupcakes.The cupcakes were cute and pretty.Unfortunately I find the girls rather obnoxious.(glad to see I'm not the only one who felt this way.)Tone down on the ridiculous drama and it might be more tolerable.

  • Brenda

    My daughter and I just watched DC Cupcake for the the first time tonight. It was about the one sister giving the other the duck themed baby shower. OMG, what can I say??? The one sister ran the whole show both for the business AND the show, while the pregnant sister did Nothing but moan and complain the entire show!! The sister worked her butt off to give her sister an amazing baby shower and it wasn't until AFTER the shower that she thanked her for all her hard work!! This was pretty bad, but hold gets even worse. KNOWING this was the first baby in the family and KNOWING she was supposed to call
    her sister and her mom....this woman goes to the hospital during the night HAS THE BABY, THEN CALLS her sister and her mom! And tells them she has already had the baby!!! My daughter and I sat there in disbelief!!!! We felt horrible for the mom and sister!! Then, surprise surprise, the "good"sister shows her ugly side and blames the MOM for them not being called, because she is overbearing and maybe the mom to be sister, didn't want the mom coming in and taking over the birth!!!! How Disrespectful, not to mention hurtful! And MEAN!!! How SELFISH was the pregnant sister for allowing her sister to work her butt off to give her THE BEST baby shower ever, Then have the audacity to PURPOSELY allow both her sister and mom to MISS the birth of the baby!!!! All I can say is, this was the first and the last time we EVER watch this show!! I'm still kicking myself for wasting a whole hour on this horrible sister act of a show!!!!! The worst ADULT behavior I have ever seen on a cake show!!! :(

  • coniah

    I LOVE the show

  • coniah

    I LOVE the show!!!

  • laura

    PLEASE WEAR HAIRNETS<<< that is the worst part of the whole overly scripted show.

  • Sonny

    Started watching because I was sick and needed something to watch and I can not stand sophie! She is just so annoying! and I just needed to vent about her "character" in this show. I just love the cupcakes they look so delicious. oh and can we all talk about how cute Sergio is!!
    But sophie is like a 12 yr old brat who whines and is annoying to watch. ok done thanks!

  • Naomi

    this show is AMAZING!!!!!!! Some of it you could tell was a little scripted like the fire but the rest was not. I LOVEDDDDD this show. Kathrine and Sophie are amazing and i love them both. i got into this show more than any show. i saw the whole 3 seasons in 4 days lol, i guess its ok to say im obsessed

  • elizabeth

    This show is good to watch if you have nothing better to watch or do the way they talk and act is totally scripted and you can tell, omg and "mommy" is beyond annoying so does nothing and just makes things worse you can tell its fake cuz they never tell her anything why would you carry your mom every where you go they don't even look like they can bake this show is not entering the employees make so many mistakes and never get in trouble not like a real bakery would work so fake! Not a good "reality" show or a scripted show not worth being on TV

  • carcar

    I love the shows and since I just moved to Maryland it is an hour car ride so my mom toke me to see them I only got to see one person and she was sofia we bought 6 cupcakes and we thought the were all crappy and dry

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