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Fridge Check: Our Not-Quite-The-End-Of-The-World Beers

DSCF5339Before we found out via Facebook that this morning's shock wave was an earthquake and not some kind of man-made disaster, we thought (just for a second, mind you) that we might have to fill up the bathtub and wait out the apocalypse. Luckily bathwater wouldn't have been our only beverage option. Here's a list of beers currently chilling in our fridge. What's in yours?

  • Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA
  • Lagunitas Hop Stoopid
  • Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA
  • Stillwater Stateside Saison
  • Victory-Stone-Dogfish Head Saison du Buff
  • Gouden Carolus Ambrio
  • Gulden Draak
  • Bell's Batch 9000
  • Jolly Pumpkin La Roja & Bam Noire
  • Lost Abbey Angel's Share & Witch's Wit
  • Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout
  • BrewDog Tokio

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  • …done

    1 bottle of Kasteel

  • Dan

    Where can I buy Saison du Buff? That sounds like something I've got to try, before the thunderstorms and earthquakes destroy the city.

  • Andy

    Tyranena Devil Made me Do It
    Tyranena Devil Over a Barrel
    Tyranena Scurvy
    Mikkeller Single Hop Nugget
    New Glarus Enigma
    New Glarus Moon Man
    New Glarus Crack'd Wheat
    Homebrewed Blueberry Lambic

  • Tammy Tuck and Bruce Falconer

    Which Kasteel? The Bruin is one of our faves but we've seen the Rouge all over D.C. lately. Not fans.

    Saison du Buff--Connecticut Avenue Wines had some as of July 14. If not there try Chevy Chase or DeVinos/D'Vines.

    Andy--What is this delicious-sounding Tyranena? If you need help with those New Glaruses...

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    Where can I buy Gulden Draak? I just had some last week at a great Brewpub in Maine. Now I'm back in DC and want more!