Young and Hungry

Domino’s Pulls Back the Curtain on TV Commercial Food Styling

As noted, this video is part of Domino's current marketing strategy to argue that its pizzas are so perfect and tasty, right out of the oven, that they don't need any food-porn, food-stylist manipulation.  You can even submit photos of your Domino's pie to try to prove the chain's point.

That's all well and good, if a little cynical, but how 'bout this, Domino's: Why don't you take all those ad dollars and just make your new and improved pizza even better?

  • Keith B

    Out of curiosity--what's your gold standard for bargain/delivery pizza category (DC or elsewhere)?

    I honestly kind of like the new domino's thin crust + white sauce + spinach combo when I'm too fucked up to drive / break out the pizza stone or have a bunch of ingrates/children to feed who insist on pizza.

  • Tim Carman

    Keith B.,

    I don't order take out pizza very often. If I do, it's from the local pizzeria, Roscoe's, in Takoma Park. It's not great, but it's miles better than Domino's. Plus, it's a local business, not a chain. Only problem: I have to drive to get it.