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Michael Landrum, Look Who Made A-1 in The New York Times

Front Page Scan – New York Times_1277467547578_optI think it's safe to say — though you never know with him — that Michael Landrum finds some parts of Y&H's job rather shallow. Like reporting on what President Obama eats at Ray's Hell Burger. I think the last thing he told me yesterday as I was rushing off to beat the competition was something like, "Go change the world."

I duly noted his irony and insult, but told him all the same that I had to go and write up my blog item. Well, this morning, look who made the front page of the New York Times? (Not that you can see it well in the screen capture at left, but here's a link to the front page.)

I suspect Mr. Landrum would say that this only proves the collective drop in standards across all media. Or would you, Mr. Landrum?

  • Native JD

    I went last night and had a poivre with the mushrooms. Delicious, but once again reminded that sauteed mushrooms and I do not get along no matter how delicious they are.

  • MLandrum


    What I said I said with commiseration and sympathy, not irony and insult.

    Where's my Goodie Mob link?

    And how did you miss the Dr. Caligari poster?


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