Young and Hungry

Rodents Running Wild at the Pentagon Food Court!


OK, maybe I exaggerate, but  how could I avoid it given the lead in the Washington Examiner's story today:

"Arlington health inspectors have cited all but one of the Pentagon City Mall's roughly 30 eateries for critical health violations, and recent rodent and cockroach sightings have diners' stomachs churning."

This reminds Y&H of 2007, when Inside Edition went deep undercover and blew the lid off rats in Adams Morgan. Last I heard, no one died from the exposure.

Photo courtesy of RatRanch via Flickr Creative Commons, Attribution License. Rodents at Pentagon City Mall may be slightly smaller.
  • Sees Many Roaches in DC

    On two occasions I've witnessed rodent carcasses in the closing time sweep up piles in the food court of Pentagon City Mall. Blech! I don't eat there anymore.

    Someone also needs to blow the whistle on the MASSIVE roach infestations at several U Street eateries. Gotta name names here:

    Utopia restaurant and lounge: YIKES! Roaches were so bold they crawled onto and across the bar, then over to the area of where I was eating a meal! That same night, I spotted another one carefully making his way up a bottle of drink mixer! (To be completely fair, this was about two years ago. Can't update my "spot report," as I never returned to the establishment.)

    Yesterday, I spotted another icky roach happily crawling down the rear bar wall of Hominy restaurant. Blech! This was a daylight spotting. Anyone familiar with the way of the roach, knows that only the brave fearless chieftain warriors of massive writhing colonies make public appearances.

    I worked many years in food service and understand that vermin find the waist and butt-fattening goodness of American food irresistible, but for pete's sake, don't these places have enough cash flow to afford regular extermination? That is the only way to stave off such a disgusting, stomach-churning problem.

    -Disgusted DC Diner