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Something Sweet Is Making Whoopie (Pies) on Macomb


If you believe the New York Times, the latest treat to try to supplant the cupcake in our hearts and mouths is not the crepe but the whoopie pie. That's right, the whoopie pie, that hamburger-shaped cake split in half and traditionally filled with a sweetened hydrogenated spread of Crisco and  Marshmallow Fluff.

Maybe that doesn't sound so appetizing to those outside of New England. But I tell you what, after eating the whoopie pie at Something Sweet, Bo Blair's decadent little shop across from 2Amys on Macomb, I'm ready to swear allegiance to that oversized dessert sandwich from Maine. (Or is more Pennsylvania Dutch, given the Amish are apparently responsible for unleashing this sugary indulgence onto the world?)

Regardless, Blair's wife, baker Meghan Blair, reaches high and low for her interpretation of the whoopie pie. The cake batter is prepared with dark cocoa powder, while the filling falls back on tradition, incorporating a little Fluff into the recipe. The finished product is a big happy mouthful of moist chocolate cake, pleasingly firm to the bite, balanced with this sugary sweet filling with the tell-tale, almost rubbery texture of marshmallows.

At $4 a pie, this whoopie is more expensive than your average cupcake, but as the clerk told me, she can make her whoopie pie (and believe me, she was a very enthusiastic proponent of Blair's pie) last three days.

She has a lot more will power than I do.

  • jburka

    Pecan Meadow Farms sells fabulous whoopie pies at the 14th and U farmers market. The pumpkin is quite popular, but I'm a huge fan of the chocolate pies with peanut butter filling. I think they're $2.50 or $3 and large enough to share (if you're willing to give any up)

  • Alejandra

    I'm putting my money on it! Whoopie Pies are the "next cupcake." And they're so much better!

  • Caitlin

    I have to disagree. The Whoopie Pies at Something Sweet are not very good, neither are their cupcakes. The filling is too sweet to the point of being obnoxious.

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  • Darby

    Something Sweet's whoopie pies are delicious! They're enormous and perfect with a cold glass of milk.

  • Maryjo

    I love Something Sweet and now even MORE that I have tried their Whoopie Pies. Those bakers are SO talented, I am so lucky to live nearby!

  • chloe

    The whoopie pies are amazing! My only problem is how to chose between the whoopie pie and their special strawberry cupcake with strawberry buttercream. While I'm throwing out compliments, I always wanted to tell them their shop is the prettiest in town!