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The Many Ways to Use a Barrel Smoker

After I got my hands on 100 pounds of seasoned hardwoods, I went a little crazy with the smoker over the Memorial Day weekend. I smoked ribs, sausage, and zucchini on Sunday, and the following day, I tried some new items: eggs, bacon (hey, a little more smoke couldn't hurt, right?), bread, cheddar cheese, and pecans.

The last two ideas came from my copy of the new Southern Living Big Book of BBQ, which I stupidly left at work last night. I'll post the recipes for both the cheddar cheese and pecans later today. In the meantime, get a load of all that beautiful wood smoke!


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    So how much longer did it take?

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    You mean to fully cook the eggs? Probably enough three to four minutes. But I should have let them go even longer. They were still too runny for my tastes. You'll never want to fire up the smoker JUST to cook breakfast. Unless you want to wait an hour for eggs.

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    hey we did smoked cheese too! it's great. Check out our article:

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