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Sietsema Tweet: Inox Closed Last Night

inox2_opt1All the speculation and rumor-mongering can apparently now stop. Late last night WaPo's Tom Sietsema Tweeted the following:

Sad news: "Tonight is our last night." That's chef Jon Mathieson, telling me that Inox is closing.

This, I hope, vindicates Todd Kliman, who first broke the news Thursday night via Twitter and who took some online bashing because of it. But I also trust that no one is gloating over this scoop. The restaurant community lost a terrific player last night.

My last meal there was a memorable one, particularly after we challenged sommelier John Wabeck to pick a bottle, other than a pinot, to pair with our Alaskan black cod and La Belle Farms duck breast and leg confit. Wabeck pulled a Spanish La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 out of his hat. Its balance of acidity and ripe fruit and just a touch spicy barnyard was absolutely spot-on perfect.

I will miss Inox. The place was headed for a spot on my 50 favorite restaurants list, due out on June 18.

So will the RAMMY Awards, where Inox was up for Best New Restaurant. The winner in that category will earn a hollow victory this year.

  • deecee foodeee

    Jackass Mathieson made Kliman look like a jerk but really he couldn't bother to tell the truth. It sucks that Inox is gone but f*ck Mathieson. Swallow your pride because you f*cked with another man for nothing and made him sweat and gave him a bit of a bad rep just to buy yourself, what, 48 hours? Jack-ASS.

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  • Ed in California

    I made the mistake of purchasing a gift certificate to Inox a week ago Tuesday. The restaurant had no trouble charging my credit card immediately, but they had no intention of sending me the gift certificate. I called a few times to get a confirmation of when it was going to arrive in the mail. All I got was, "The manager is busy now; he will call you back," which, of course never happened. So I disputed the charge with VISA. Mathieson, Krin and Wabeck, why didn't you credit back the amount, or contact me? I called you every day until all I got was a recording. Oh, maybe the credit hasn't posted yet!

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  • Kathy

    I loved Inox-the owners are really nice and sincerely passionate about food. Thanks to them, I've had some of the finest meals in my life there. If they ever open another restaurant, I'll be one of the first ones there and I'm sure there will be long waiting list.

  • Neda

    It wasn't meant to be... My husband and I made reservations last year with another couple to celebrate. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it but insisted the rest of them go. Everyone agreed that it was one of the best meals they've had in a long while. When my mother-in-law heard that I couldn't make my own celebration, she bought us a generous gift certificate to Inox for our Anniversary. We were going to go for my birthday in a few weeks but got a notice from Open Table that they were closed.

    My husband tried calling about the gift certificates but nobody answers the phone. It's a shame they closed but why charge people if they know they are closing and can't honor the reservation? That is tacky.

  • sean

    I have heard about Mathieson and his rude, degrading, and harassing ways. He is a bad teacher, but a great chef. In reality, I hope this chops some ego from him like bacon off his back. He deserves the worst in life, as he has given only the wost to people. F him. Im happy it closed ONLY TO SEE Mathieson SUFFER and let this be a lesson to him for him. As MANY students of his cringe at his name.