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More Rumors on Inox’s Demise

inox2_opt1Late yesterday, the Washingtonian's Todd Kliman sent out a Tweet heard 'round the world — or at least 'round the D.C. dining community. He wrote:

Inox in Tysons will be closing tomorrow, according to a trusted source.

Kliman floated a similar rumor back in February, which Inox chef/owner Jon Mathieson quickly shot down. It didn't stop the rumor mill from continuing to churn, however. Y&H received his share of e-mails on the subject, one of whom outright claimed that I was duped and Inox would be closing.

I don't know the full story, but I do know this: I called over there today and the woman who answered the phone said, the rumor "is completely false." Inox would be open today and tomorrow. It will, however, be closed on Memorial Day. The woman also noted that Tom Sietsema's recent re-evaluation has been good for business at Inox.

I have a call in to Mathieson again. More as I know it.

  • discojing

    hope it doesn't close! i love inox!

    also, isn't it a finalist for the RAMMY awards for best new restaurant? that'd be weird if it closed...

  • adamgetz

    I have nothing against him, but why does Kliman keep doing this? Seems like if theres even a chance he's wrong again it won't look good.

  • money

    Its true they closed tonight

  • moneybanks

    They couldn't retain staff.

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  • deecee foodeee

    Jackass Mathieson made Kliman look like a jerk but really he couldn't bother to tell the truth. It sucks that Inox is gone but f*ck Mathieson. Swallow your pride because you f*cked with another man for nothing.