Young and Hungry

How Much Pizza Is Too Much?


Y&H's good bud, Lou Cantolupo (aka Mr. Italian Beef), tipped me off to the wealth of high and low-end pizzerias along a two-mile strip of Wisconsin Avenue NW, from Friendship Heights to Cleveland Park. He counted 13 in all. During a quick trip down Wisconsin today, I snapped pictures of eight of them.

Take a look:




The forthcoming Pete's Apizza


Rome Pizza & Sub, right across the street from Pete's


Pizza Boli's


Papa John's


Pizza Autentica


Armand's Chicago Pizzeria



According to Lou, I missed these five places during my afternoon drive:

Lou figures it's one pizzeria every 800 feet.

So, what do you think, Y&H Nation? Is this too much pie for one stretch of D.C.? I suspect New York City would have an even higher density of pizza joints over a two-mile strip. Then again, NYC has a higher density of people, too.

  • Eric

    As a native NYer only LIA's, Pete's (yet to open), and 2 Amy's have passable pizza. So I don't think there are too many. We need a decent Pizza by the Slice joint.

  • winenegress

    I'm curious. What exactly is New Haven style pizza? And, by not knowing this, will someone rip off my foodie epaulets?

  • Jed

    Well heck, if you're counting the Tenleytown Whole Foods, the new Friendship Heights Whole Foods serves pizza too, and they are within your 2 mile range.


    considering that I would only consider only 1/4 of those as edible pizza there are not enough pizza joints.

    FYI Eric......VACE sells pizza by the slice in Woodley Park.