Young and Hungry

And the Winner Is…GO Burger


The contest to which I refer (I realize many of you have no desire to follow the mind-numbing minutiae of the restaurant business) was necessitated when the two partners behind the BLT empire decided to part ways earlier this year. As part of the divorce, partner Jimmy Haber agreed not to use the BLT name as part of future restaurant openings, including the three proposed outlets of the budding BLT Burger chain.

So Haber launched a contest to ask the public to name the forthcoming burger joints, including the one due to open in mid- to late summer at 1317 Connecticut Ave. NW, near Dupont Circle.  After weeks of voting, the winner was GO Burger, which should surprise no one.

GO Burger is the name of the BLT patty wagon that roams the streets of New York City.

When I first heard this news, I grew cynical (which is a character flaw, I know). I figured that GO Burger was the name that Haber and crew wanted all along, to better integrate their mobile and stationary operations (even if calling a sit-down retail operation "GO Burger" is tantamount to naming a seafood house "Land Fish"). As Midtown Lunch rightly observed, the new name helps turn the GO Burger-mobile into one large, four-wheeled billboard.

But a spokeswoman for GO Burger says the vote was truly democratic. The public decided the winner via an online vote, which concluded on May 9. The public had to select from four finalists (which had garnered the most votes in an earlier round). Here's the final tally, according to the publicist:

  • The Burg:  93
  • Sliders: 97
  • GO Burger: 237
  • Union Burger Bar: 76

I have to admit, the finalists are better names than some of the submitted ones that didn't get enough votes to make the final cut. They include, according to the publicist, "Wimpy Burger, Bos Burger, Meat & Bun, Peanut’s Burger Shack, BrrrGrrr, Yo! Burger."

BrrrGrrr? What, is that an Alaskan burger joint frequented by bears?

Off the top of my head, I would love to eat at:

  • Big Fat Juicy Burgers
  • 80-20
  • Laurent Tourondel's Rejects
  • Gourmet Gutbusters

C'mon, folks, don't leave me hanging. What other names would you have come up with?

  • Alex

    Jermaine's House of Grill
    Burgka's Slathered Patties

  • Nikki

    Mega Burger
    Plump Patties

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