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Biergarten Haus Will Open May 14

Let the countdown commence! The much-anticipated Biergarten Haus will open a week from today. We've long lamented the absence of a German beer garden in this city, but no longer. The place looks great. Check out Drew Long's post at DCFoodies for a preview. (See Going Out Guru Fritz Hahn's piece for more pictures.) The indoor and outdoor spaces look authentic enough, but what really does it is the rams head mounted on the wall above the taps. It's just so... German. Our pal Bill Catron, knighted by the Belgian brewer's guild for his in-depth knowledge of Belgian beer, is showing his chops with German brews this time, having selected a strong line-up of bottles and taps for Biergarten Haus, including Spaten, Paulaner, Gaffel Kolsch and Eggenberg. Now if we could only get those street cars rolling up H Street...

  • washingtonydc

    I hate to be pedantic--I do!--but Eggenberg is Austrian. Looks like they've got a great selection but I'm hoping we'll also be able to see some rarer offerings for the area (perhaps some Kulmbacher or Tuecher?).

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