Young and Hungry

José Andrés Profile on ’60 Minutes’

In case you missed it, here's Anderson Cooper's profile of José Andrés from 60 Minutes.

  • Native JD in DC

    Caught it and was unhappy I did. Evidently his PR person who ruined my ridiculously bland meal at Atlantico (who's colleagues rated her No. 1 in the corporate peer review) is paying off.

    Put the money back into the food Jose, your papusas were terrible.

  • Walt Whitman

    What a delightful piece! All that and Anderson Cooper, who could ask for more. Don't know who the above mentioned PR person is but did note that she managed to get her client on 60 Minutes with probably the best journalist working in television today. So, yes, I guess she is paying off.

    Jose Andres comes out of Rob Wilder's group who I first met ages ago at a Chesapeake Men's League hockey game. John Falchino was then either managing or bartending before he teamed up with Ann Cashion and they created their own legends.

    What a great contribution these folks have made to the Washington community. They and others like Nora Poillon, Jeff Black, Susan Gage, etc. have raised the bar for us all while managing to make nice livings. Its too bad the standards aren't so high in other endeavors in this town.
    Mrs. Obama seems in sync though.

    Certainly gives one pause as to how casually the word "Chef" gets thrown around these days!

    Congratulations Chef, keep up the good work.

  • Walt Whitman

    That should have read..."John Falchino was managing or bartending at Wilder's 'Austin Grill"..."

  • Simon

    Pupusas, JD, pupusas. If you can't spell the dish right, I question your credentials to judge its quality.