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“Grownups Only” Chocolate Stout Cupcakes at Sticky Fingers

March 2010 021_opt"Grownups only cupcake" seems like an oxymoron, but not at Sticky Fingers, where one of our favorite beers, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, is used in a recipe. We were told that the Chocolate Stout cupcakes are adult-only because although most of the alcohol in the cake batter is baked out, the chocolate ganache frosting has beer and liquor in it. We are confident it is not enough alcohol to get even a pleasantly unaware five-year-old buzzed, but they can't go giving booze to kids.

We couldn't detect any distinct beer or alcohol flavors in the frosting or the cupcake, which seemed dry compared to others we have had there. We aren't cupcake experts by any means, so perhaps a baking nut out there can set our beer-focused palates straight.

Regardless, we are interested in trying some beer in our own baking. If you are thinking of doing the same, you may get better inspiration by heading over to Birch & Barley to try some of pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac's beer-in-the-recipe desserts. You could also try the Baked Alaska at Rustico, which is served with St. Louis Framboise-infused ice cream, or better yet, go at a time when they partner with Buzz Bakery on some beery sweets for a special event.

There are tons of beer baking recipes on the interwebs. To keep it local, below are a few from Modern Domestic. We suggest taking a hint from Sticky Fingers and subbing out Guinness for your favorite imperial chocolate stout. Happy (beer) baking!

  • VTJawo

    Don't Forget MD's Chocolate Stout Ice Cream using Brooklyn Brewery's BCS as's heavenly

  • doron Petersan

    Come and taste for yourself! We can't keep 'em in stock, so Thursday, Sticky Fingers Bakery is putting 25 cupcakes aside for you to try, free of charge. That right, the first 25 readers who come in and mention this post will receive 1 free stout cupcake. 1 per customer, over 21 only.

  • VeggieTart

    Guinness is not vegetarian, so Sticky Fingers could not use it. Guinness uses isinglas (fish gelatin) to clarify and fine the product.

  • Jenna

    Thanks for the mention! Part of the reason I used Guinness in these cupcakes is that it's more cost effective. I'd totally use a higher quality chocolate stout in a ganache or mousse, where the flavors come through more (or, as James mentioned above, an ice cream), but I'm not sure about the cake itself. It's totally worth some experimenting, though.