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Sam Adams Utopias, Imperial Series & Barrel Room Collection Tasting at RFD Tomorrow

Samuel Adams Dinner 002We didn't know about this one in time for our weekly beer event round-up but want to give all our fellow big beer lovers out there a [last-minute] heads up about a special, limited-seating strong ale tasting at RFD this Thursday.

Boston Beer Company, proprieters of the Samuel Adams label, are bringing seven of their strongest brews, including the gigantic 27%-ABV Utopias 2009, which we had the pleasure of tasting in November. (Check out our blogging brethren's full coverage of the event for tantalizing details.)

Beyond the Utopias, which is more like a brandy than a beer, there will be a selection of barrel-aged beers from the brewery's Barrel Room Collection, that includes New World Tripel, Stonybrook Red, and American Kriek, as well as all three of the Samuel Adams Imperial Series beers, Double Bock, Imperial White, and Imperial Stout.

Join RFD and the BOSTON BEER CO. for a tasting of SAM ADAMS UTOPIAS 2009, a selection of barrel-aged beers from the Boston Beer Vault including New World Tripel, Stonybrook Red, American Kriek, as well as all three of the Sam Adams Imperial Series, for SEVEN big beers in all.
Admission is $35 per person, including tax, gratuity, and some light snacks. Discounts on Sam Adams drafts. Space is limited to only 45 people, so call (202) 289-2030 to reserve a spot.

Visit RFD's event page for more details and ticket info. Space is limited to only 45 lucky souls, so make haste and hope there are still some spots left.

  • gary denn

    I am a collector of all sam adams beers I am missing imperial double Bock and lmperial stout also new world tripel , stonybrook red and American kriel can't find no place please give cost and send and I well be more then happy. To pay for. Thank you Gary. Denn 302 Bloomfield drive Harrington de. 19952 3022758812. PS. I have been Collecting for many years anything you can do wood be great.I think I have them all please send list

  • gary denn

    I have a 2009 Utopia # 09375 and I did not know that you have a special glass please send one I will be happy to pay also how can I tell that mine has been opened? Is there a Weight Total of bottle and beer. Gary Denn 302 Bloomfield Dr Harrington de 19952. 3022758812 thank you.