Young and Hungry

What’s Wrong With This Picture?


If you haven't seen it already, the April issue of the Washingtonian is dedicated to "Hidden Gems." The cover copy assumes a breezy tone while promising the standard Inside-the-Beltway, super-cool, spook-access-only stuff: "Here's an insider's list of 62 off-the-beaten path things to see and do."

The magazine then adds a smug little dig: "Leave the Obvious Stuff to the Tourists..."

So turn to page 74 and get a load of what the Washingtonian considers "off-the-beaten path" in terms of eating:


  • J

    Marcel's absolutely.....Ben's WTF? As if they needed anymore promotion!

  • CTR

    Yeah, how many national TV shows have filmed in Ben's? How many gazillion magazines have written it up? sorry, but when the Prez and Sarkozy drop by, you are officially no longer a "hidden gem." You're more like the greasy version of the Hope Diamond.

  • Jeff

    I was kind of enjoying your lack-of-snark after you went on the Post's payroll. Now that the Post is off limits, gotta get on someone's case! Let's quit the pettiness on get on with some real food pieces.

  • MTD

    "Washingtonian: Behind The Curve For Twenty-Five Years".

    If you read that magazine, you deserve what you find there.

  • Nikki

    The big thing that is wrong with the cover is that the background of the Albert Einstein Memorial is totally photoshopped out and it looks kind of weird without the trees.

  • Lou

    @MTD - spot on.

  • Chris

    Tim, I for one deeply appreciated your "snark" on this issue. When I saw it in the magazine, I actually squawked aloud and called my wife and several friends. Sometimes snark is warranted.

  • Michael

    Other "hidden gems" (no joke): the National Cathedral, the Korean War memorial . . . seriously?!

  • greg

    Why oh why is the best known restaurant in DC a hot dog stand?