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Taylor Gourmet to Open Third Shop in Bethesda


Design renderings of the new Taylor Gourmet in Bethesda

If anything defines Taylor Gourmetother than its Philly hoagies — it is the sandwich shop's utter trendy urbanity and its desire to help gentrify once questionable neighborhoods. So it comes as some surprise that, for their third location, owners Casey Patten and David Mazza have decided to move into Bethesda.

That's right, Bethesda, home of well-heeled, high-heeled, and hottest guys in America.

Patten is quick to agree that Bethesda would seem an odd fit for Taylor. But he and Mazza were lunching there last fall and were "amazed by all the foot traffic on Bethesda Row, and it was Tuesday afternoon."

If anything captures a restaurateur's attention, it's foot traffic.

The partners had signed a letter of intent last year to move into the still-under-construction Hampden Lane building located on the northwest corner of Woodmont Avenue and Elm Street, but the deal fell through. The proposal, however, came back around in February when a potential tenant pulled out of a retail space in the new structure.

On Tuesday, Patten and Mazza signed a lease for a 1,500-square-foot spot at 7280 Woodmont Ave. It will maintain the same industrial-chic look of the other two Taylor Gourmets but with one major difference: The Bethesda spot will do away with storefront windows altogether. The prime corner location, designed by Grupo7, will feature three retractable garage doors. The shop will also have patio seating as well as  a counter where diners can eat their sandwiches while peering out onto the streetscape.

The new shop, Patten hopes, will be open in mid-July, although he has heard the horror stories about Montgomery County bureaucracy. Whenever the latest Taylor opens, it will include a revamped menu, with 25 percent new sandwiches. Patten is currently experimenting on friends with his new creations.

More artist renderings of the Bethesda space:



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  • Rabbit52

    As being part of the Red Tape issue on the MC code side of project a lot of the times the Arch of Record, contractor and whole bunch of others on both sides of the counter have not done their homework before getting started on getting a building permit and inspections in a timely fashion Equipment is to be UL listed and is not so there is a delay, Exit layout is not correct, Hood and Duct and Fire Suppression not complete in the submittal to the county, this is a problem for many items needed to approve the project Just a lot of rules to address to get through and I try each and every day to help and most of the time my advice about code issues is not paid attention to and the bad plan with code issue that needed to be fixed 6 weeks ago still is on the plan for permit so what did they do for 6 weeks about the problem with the code that someone elected to no do anything about So I get the plan to review and there is the same major problem that stops the plan review and the next reviewer has issues and it jsut snowballs Then we wait for weeks for corrective action that is like pulling teeth so now since I pointed out the problem it has been 10 weeks and nothing but we take the hit as the county will not issue the permit I give plan review my full attention for the safety of the public and the people who will occupy the space that is my job I get one shot to insure that all the code issues are addressed and corrected if needed It is not simple as one would think if one would ask and look into the permitting process Sure we all can take some of the responsibility, but it is my job to insure that all of those code issues are address as I will sure hear from someone if they are not right and something happen or the ADA was not addressed correctly for the space
    It should be know to you what the current problem for not issuing the permit needs to be addressed, is it July is getting closer by the minute

    Great subs and stop by offen so I do want this to open as then I can stop by on the way home, but it does have to meet all of the steps of permit issuance and Taylor has a issue that I hope is being addressed with the powers to be about getting their permit

    Good luck

  • Barbara S

    Hype, decor and 5 inch imported bread just doesn't cut it for me when the end product is over priced and so hard you need a hammer and chisel to get into it.
    5 dollar, 5 dollar footlooooong's.

  • Serdar


    Deception. True scam. I was robbed by Taylor Gourmet today. I do not understand how people "like" this place. I knew about the one on H Street. Looked cool and airy... good music, but that is it. The product they sell, complete disaster. I spent $10 for a 6" Hoagie, chips, soda. The bread is mediocre and VERY HARD... my teeth were really pushing it to take a bite, the stuff they "promise" to put inside the hoagie is barely there. No taste/flavor at all.

    The staff seemed like they did not understand English. They were clueless. They mixed up the orders - and there were only two orders! hah! The menu above the cash register was a joke. Almost written in fine print... seriously. One cannot read a thing, unless you're at least two feet close.

    Oh... before I forget; there was a huge bee nearby the soda fountain and it was bothering the patrons. The guy who was acting like he was responsible from that area (short guy, with a physical development challenge) was right next to it and he did not do a thing. He completely ignored the discomfort of everyone. Turned his head the other way, while people spilled their drinks on the floor, trying to fight the bee.

    These people are scam artists. The creators/managers of this place are cheap, and have no idea about selling food. Go see it for yourself. I'll take Potbelly or even Subway instead, any day. As usual, I will make sure to tell everyone NOT to go there. I'm on a mission again.

    Cheers Taylor Gourmet. You're at a prime spot in Bethesda, with no honest product.