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The Queen Vic to Make an Appearance on H Street with Eel Pies


EastEnders, say hello to Northeast.

The Queen Vic, a gastropub named after a bar in the British soap opera, EastEnders, is expected to open in June in the Atlas District. It will occupy a storefront at 1206 H St. NE, the space originally proposed for Joe Englert’s sports bar, the Olympic, before the deal fell through.

The pub, with outdoor seating upstairs, will dish out a traditional British menu with local and seasonal produce, says owner Ryan Gordon, who also owns a stake in the Pug, a boxing/soccer themed hole in the wall on H Street. The neighborhood is "a funny little area,” Gordon says. “Everyone’s doing something a little different, the diversity of different bars and restaurants.”

Gordon’s wife Roneeka, a native of Wales, wanted to open a place reminiscent of the pubs she knew back home — and as an ode to her father, who recently passed away. He ran Bokhara Brasserie, an Indian restaurant in South Wales, which was nominated for a British Curry Award.

Fancy a beer or cider? Harp, Guinness, Magners and the beloved Strongbow, will be on tap, alongside six British ales and such. English breakfast — eggs, mushrooms, tomato, beans, bacon, sausage, and toast — will be served all day, every day. You'll also find thrice­-cooked, hand-cut chips on the Queen's menu, and, of course, where there are chips, there must be fish.

The pub plans to serve up a variety of Cornish pasties and meat pies, including eel and kidney! “A bunch of different stuff, we’re trying to use every part of the animal that we bring in,” Gordon says.

While blood sausage won’t be on the menu, Queen Vic will serve a variety of links, all made in-house and griddled on a flat iron. Gordon plans to dish out a lot of game meats, too — venison, pheasant, and boar. There will be something for vegetarians as well, not to mention a weekend brunch and a Sunday roast.

With a nod to the vibrant Indian culture in the UK, Gordon says the pub will also feature an Indian-style curry of the day, using a lot of his father-in-law's curry blends. "Curry has taken over the place of fish and chips,” he says.

It will be interesting to see how the Atlas District takes to the Queen. If history is any indication, British fare could be a tough sell. Last year, CommonWealth in Columbia Heights was forced to expand and lighten its menu, an acknowledgment that some customers weren't always looking for heavy British pub food.

The Queen Vic plans to open Monday through Thursday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. The pub is slated to open mid-June, shortly after Biergarten Haus, which means summer time is looking very Continental on H Street.

Photo by Ryan Gordon

  • Orr Shtuhl

    Wait a minute, Strongbow is beloved? By whom?

  • J

    Great idea- Ill def check it out!

  • Steve

    By the gazillions of people who've made it the bestselling cider on the planet, maybe??

  • Clarkycan

    Commonwealth probably changed menu because, speaking as a Brit, it wasn't very good. Hopefully this new place will be better.

  • Lisa

    I think the title would have been better and more accurate as "The Queen Vic to Make an Appearance on H Street with Steak n Ale Pies"

  • chickenbot

    I'm so looking forward to getting a full English; there isn't anywhere in the area that serves a decent one! Also, has Orr ever been to the UK? Strongbow is a traditional first drink for underage drinkers the island over!

  • Kim Chi Ha

    I fell in love with strongbow while in London, though it's no longer my beer of choice, I still attach a certain fondness to it.

  • esme

    I've been to England, and not just the tourist traps of London. Strongbow is crap over there, too. Just because something is consumed by lots of people, doesn't mean it's high quality. See, for example, Budweiser.

    Queen Vic, Oliver's is exported to the US, how about getting some of that instead? And while I'm dreaming, how about some perry too?

  • roneeka

    Thanks for all your comments! We are so excited to meet you all! Please keep your suggestions coming though, we do want to hear them!. We also plan on having expat mixers, so we can sit around, get drunk and talk about the weather/football/pop idol, so let us know if you're a Brit looking for a home away from home and we'll make sure to add you to our list.
    We will be getting our website up and running soon, so keep an eye out!
    ps -re Strongbow, tastes like crap, but it's the memories of sitting in a park sharing a 2-litre at age 14 that makes it so special........

  • MSP

    I'm a Mancunian living just down the street and want to get in on that ex-pat mixer fun. Will we be able to watch the EastEnders omnibus on Sundays? Can we have ploughman's lunch with branston pickle? Is it okay if I get settled in _now_?! Cannot wait....

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  • Johnny

    Are you guys gonna be collaborating with the pie shop down the street that also does meat pies and individual pies?

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