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Public Feedback About Enzo Fargione’s Firing

enzo profileThe public reaction to Enzo Fargione's sacking from Teatro Goldoni has been swift and mostly pro-chef. Here's a sample of the chatter:

  • WaPoster wrote: "My guess is this jerk had allowed the joint to circle the drain for too long so all that was left to respond to the new menu was a nest of barflies. That and some leftovers from the Phyllis Richmond days when the mark of quality was judged from how much free coffee yenta hags were allowed to swill after splitting a dinner. I wish the chef well but it sounds like his vision his long on gimmicks."
  • Hess14 wrote: "Another sad story in the restaurant business. You have a financial crisis in your hands? Easy! Fire the talent who made it all possible. Screw him out of his contract and mock him for everyone to see. This person Kosmides does not seem to be either too honest nor too bright."
  • OTBerbur wrote: "I read this story with mixed emotions. On the one hand, the manner in which the discharge was carried out appears entirely callous. On the other, the owners’ desire for a change in direction may not be entirely unwarranted. We had dinner at Teatro Goldoni for a special occasion on a Saturday night in December — when the place was two-thirds empty..."

But the most trenchant comment may have come from this writer over at

RWBooneJr. wrote: "I never sat at the chef's table, but I ate at the restaurant both before and while Chef Fargione was there. It was a terribly decorated space, set up in a decades-ago era of expense account silliness, that never modernized. The service and management always seemed disinterested when I was there. And the chef's table never bled into the dining room. It sounds like the chef's table was essentially it's own restaurant and now deserves to be. People, like me, will pay for that experience, we just won't if we're turned off by the place that houses it."

Boone's comment even merited a response from the fired chef:

"Somehow, you just nailed it!!!"

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Miami Danny

    "That and some leftovers from the Phyllis Richmond days when the mark of quality was judged from how much free coffee yenta hags were allowed to swill after splitting a dinner."

  • Miami Danny

    That's a pretty anti-semitic remark that shouldn't have any place in your column, Tim. Yenta hags? How do some old Jewish ladies get blamed for this?

  • Tim Carman

    I agree that it's offensive, Miami Danny, and has no bearing on how things played out at Teatro Goldoni. But it's one reader's opinion, which was the point of this item.

  • Miami Danny

    Fair enough Tim. But if the poster said 'old ladies who want free coffee' that is one thing-calling them 'yenta hags' is anti-semitic and you know it. That is not an 'opinion'. And you are promoting anti-semitism by choosing to post (and so prominently) something so inflammatory. Twice.

  • Tim Carman

    I take your criticism seriously, MD. I also think using the phrase "promoting anti-semitism" is a little strong. I can't change what has been done, but your words will ring in my ears in the future.

    Just for everyone's information, comments are not moderated in the Y&H blog. They automatically go online without any editorial oversight. (Unless flagged by the software, which happens rarely.) So Miami Danny's suggestion that they were posted twice is incorrect. I did highlight the comment again in the blog item, but the comment was posted by the commenter without any moderation. We also have a policy to never remove comments, no matter how offensive.

  • Miami Danny

    Point taken, Tim, and thank you for your measured response. My mentioning that the comment was posted twice was referring to the original (unmoderated) comment, and then your re-posting the entire comment here. The re-posting was what I was taking issue with. So it was just once-you are correct.

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