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Food News You Can Use: Top Chef in D.C. Edition

top chef_5Everyone has their whisks in a stir about Top Chef apparently filming its next season in D.C. You can barely visit a Web site... without... reading... some... random... gushing over the prospect of the city hosting the Bravo program.

Yep, I think I get it. Reality TV has supplanted reality for our affections. Leave it to New York magazine's Grub Street to cut D.C. down to size.

The Top Chef-to-D.C. rumors have been bubbling for some time, but Amanda McClements broke the news yesterday on her blog, Metrocurean. The Post followed hours later.

In more mundane news:

  • Helena Himm

    Am I sensitive for not liking Zagat's article mentioning the rest of the 6 other countries that will participate on this cookoff.. such as mine? Panama?

    Anyways I hope you do get invited Tim, and if not, you are always welcome to come in June to the Gastronomic Festival in Panama.


  • Helena Himm

    Correction ("for NOT mentioning...")

  • Jenna

    Oh, come on. Admit it. You're just as pleased as us gushing bloggers.

    So, any local spots you'd like to see featured on the show?

  • Tim Carman


    I don't know. I guess I'm pleased. I'm more fascinated by the prospect of how Bravo will portray DC. I have to admit that because of the national nature of Bravo's audience, the program will likely focus on D.C.'s obvious strengths and not on it scrappier, more interesting elements. I suspect any number of people will be pulled to serve as judges and/or their restaurants will serve as locations: Jose Andres, Michel Richard, and the Ali family. All of which is fine. But if you really wanted to do something D.C. oriented, why not have cooks try to make their own banh mi, as a nod to one of the country's largest Vietnamese communities? THAT would be a challenge I'd watch, not just another fine-dining meal meant to impress Richard or Andres. Or why not have them cook a meal designed to be paired with beer, as a nod to one of the most impressive temples to suds in the country, Birch & Barley/ChurchKey?

  • Helena Himm

    That is very interesting, not just another fine-dining meal...

  • Jenna

    I, too, am really interested in how they'll portray the DC food scene. I never would have thought of the bahn mi thing, but that's such a great idea - the diversity of the food in our suburbs really astonishes me (of course, I don't have a car, so I rarely get to experience it).

    I think they'll have to do something with Ben's Chili Bowl, I'm sure they'll do some kind of challenge in a "hip" neighborhood - either U street, 14th street, or H street. But I'm sure they'll have to do some touristy stuff too - maybe cooking at one of the Smithsonians, the Old Ebbit Grill, or at a hill cafeteria (not looking forward to those challenges as much). DC has such a great farmer's market scene too, and I'd love them to do a challenge showcasing the diversity of our markets. But, we'll see.

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  • ib2quik2c

    There is no incentive for Bravo to make the season DC-centric to satisfy area residents by highlighting local talent. The objective of the program is to draw in a large audience from different media markets by showcasing high-profile and well-known individuals from the industry. Therefore, I would not be surprised to see Alain Ducasse make an appearance to promote Adour solely based on the fact that he has a restaurant in town. Jose Andres most likely will make an appearance. Maybe Nora Pouillon and Michel Richard will be featured since the President ate at their restaurants.

    Who knows? If Olives could have lasted a few more months, maybe Todd English would be listed, too...


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