Young and Hungry

A Day in the Life of the Maine Avenue Fish Market

seafood 8 intro

The weather was perfect yesterday afternoon for a walk through the Maine Avenue Fish Market, that confluence of glistening seafood, freshly washed pimp wagons, and questionable marketing practices. I obviously wasn't the only one who had this idea. The market was packed.

It was for a good day to snap pictures at the country's oldest continously operating fish market, where you never know what you'll find. Clam chowder next to banana cake. Frog legs on ice. Even a wiry little pooch in a Harley hat. Take a look:

seafood 1

seafood 2

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  • Paul Ward

    Great pics, Carman! Did you come home with something good to eat?

  • winenegress

    Nice pics my man. When I was very young, my late uncle would go there to pick up blue crabs for our summer crab boils. What a dozen now cost is what we spent on a bushel. Good times.

  • Ben

    Oh how I love the Maine Avenue Fish Market. One of the true in-the-know gems of DC. I do photo walks there too.