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The Olympic Hockey Beer Bet


By now, you've probably heard about the wager between President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the Olympic hockey gold-medal game. Though the heads of state had some trouble settling the terms (namely who would buy the beer–the winner or the loser?), it was finally determined that the loser would pick up the tab. So, Obama has shipped a case of Molson Canadian to his counterpart in Ottawa. (Had the USA come won the game, Harper would have shipped a case of Yuengling to Obama.)

Now... doesn't this seem like a remarkably low-stakes wager? Does anyone really sit on the edge of their seat just hoping that the mailman might deliver a case of Molson?? Seems to us this could have been a lot more interesting, given the world-class beer being made in North America these days. What beers would you have picked?

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  • PJ

    I would have opted for anything from Goose Island out of Chicago, IL.
    I would have selected either the Mild Winter Ale in honor of the unseasonably warm Olympics or the Bourbon County Stout simply because it is one of their best brews and is expensive to boot.

  • MTD

    Dumb on multiple levels.

    First of all, the traditional sports bet among politicos is that, if you lose, you send the other guy YOUR famous product, not some of HIS famous product.

    Second, (and I don't know much about the Canadian micro scene), why not support brewers who could benefit from the publicity? I'd send an intern down to the beer store, and send a mixed case of American micros to Harper; 24 fabulous beers. Molson in Canada is drinkable (and certainly superior to the Molsons that make it here), but nothing interesting.

  • MTD

    Oh, the "dumb" refers to the stakes of the bet, not the blog post or the prior comment.

    Carry on.

  • James

    Yeah, color me confused about this... I would have thought that President Obama would send PM Harper some good American beer.

    Since it's about a hockey tournament, maybe send some beers from the hockey meccas of the U.S. - stuff from the upper Midwest and Northeast. Maybe some Founders and Bell's, since USA Hockey is headquartered in Ann Arbor?

  • James

    mea culpa... USA Hockey is headquartered in Colorado, but their player development center (where the national teams practice) is in A2. Still, I'd go with Michigan beers, since Detroit is Hockeytown.

  • Kyle

    It would have been much harder on the Canadians had they lost. Therefore, if the US team had won, Canada should have sent some La Fin du Monde. Perhaps, the US should have sent some Life & Limb to Canada.

  • Erik

    I think Obama should of sent some Old Style.

  • dan riley

    I second the Old Style - that'll teach them.

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  • xcanuck

    Obama should have represented with some Bell's Two Hearted Ale (a nice allusion to our two countries) while Harper should have replied with some Unibroue "Maudite". While Kyle had it right with"Fin du Monde" as the appropriate sentiment in event of a Canadian loss, I think one of the most common expressions that would have been used would have been "Maudite Americains!!"