Young and Hungry

This Weekend: Chesapeake Oyster & Beer Festival


Do you like beer? How about oysters? Well, consumed together they are among the finest gluttonies the world has to offer. We are partial to the Anchor Bar in Old Town Alexandria, the place where we first experienced the pairing. But this weekend offers a great opportunity to experiment for yourself. The Chesapeake Oyster & Beer Festival at the National Harbor runs today (from 6pm-10pm) and tomorrow (in two sessions from noon-4pm and 5pm-9pm).  Tickets are sold out, but if you're crafty enough to scrounge one up for yourself, you won't be disappointed. Put on by the people who run the Beer and Bourbon Festival, this weekend's event will feature 30 beers, 30 wines, and over 24,000 oysters, including at least ten varieties from around the world.

Photo by smoorenburg used under a Creative Commons license

  • Anny

    Does anyone have food poison because of the oysters like me and my husband?... We went to the Friday's festival and got pretty sick this weekend. We had all the symptoms of seafood/shellfish poison. I'd like to know if anyone had it too. If a lot of people did, we should make the festival people do something.

  • Michelle

    Yes, both my boyfriend and his two friends that we went with all got food poisoning from this event and have been very sick all at varying times beginning on Saturday night and Sunday morning. I called the company at 800-830-3976 and they said they hadn't received any reported cases, I'm not so certain this is the case anymore.

  • Kelly

    My friend and I also had food poisoning from the event. The timing of the sickness ranged from Saturday to Sunday night. I complained via their email,

  • Anny

    Wow, great, I mean sucks, to hear that my husand and I were not the only ones. We're still suffering from the poison today. My husband recovers faster but now I've got new symptons, itching all over my body! Does it work calling the company or write to their email? I might do the same as well!! I WILL NEVER GO TO THIS FESTIVAL AGAIN!!!

  • Ken

    Just recieved Pa Dept of Health confirmation that I had positive results for norovirus from the oyster festival. I attended a on 2/19 with a lady from MD. and we were both flat on our back for 2 days. I called the promoter on 2/22 and was told no one had complained. It took this long to confirm the virus and compared to the way the cruise ship outbreaks refund costs to their passengers I would feel a very strong urge to demand a refund.
    I was worried about someone actually dying from how sick I felt at 61 yrs old.
    Please call the MD. Dept of Health. They are counting the victims, finally.

  • Ken

    Just called the President of Trigger Agency
    1-410-878-9900 ext 105 Greg Nivens
    He has heard no complaints and will accept a request for a refund. He did not sound sincere and I have called there twice before without leaving my name, requesting info on anyone getting sick and they have always told me no one has called. See coments above.

  • Darlene

    I too became ill after session 3 of the festival. I was visiting DC from CA and thought I had to flu. I had to cancel my airline ticket and book a new one. Of course I incurred all types of financial penalties. I received and email from MD Health department which I completed and have had three follow -ups from Los Angeles County Health Dept.(2 calls 1 visit) and have provided stool samples.
    I find it interesting that Trigger says they have not heard of anyone getting sick when clearly they had to provide a list of attendess in order for the MD Health dept to contactt me via email w health quesitonaire

  • Ken

    Sorry you had the virus Darlene, Md Dept of Health has determined that no direct cause can be found and someone at the festival could have, possibly, had the virus and infected all of us. Since the exact food can not be found, now, they cannot blame the Trigger Agency and have closed the case. Luckly no one, that they know of, has died and they called a couple hundred people??? I am glad we are all well and do not plan on eating raw oysters again.

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