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You Say You Want to Raise Chickens? Do You Know the First Thing About It?

Councilmember Tommy Wells' proposal to allow D.C. residents to raise chickens ran a-fowl with some residents. This morning, Y&H talked to Wells' chief of staff, Charles Allen, who said the Health Department is now reviewing the idea and may simply rewrite the rules to allow urban chickens. Wells' plan, in other words, could be hatched without council action.

But whether or not the idea ever becomes reality, Y&H has a question for you potential urban farmers: Do you have any idea how to tend your own flock? does. Check out all these videos on urban chickens:

  • mike

    delicious idea. now if only my apt had space for it.

  • Amber McDonald

    See also You can even get chicken diapers. Next up, to convince the condo assoc that it's a good idea...