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Condé Nast Traveler: Vancouver Is the Best Place on Earth for Chinese Food

Someone might want to alert the chefs in Shanghai and Hong Kong that their counterparts in Vancouver are kicking their ass. So says Condé Nast Traveler

Y&H has never visited Vancouver and can't offer an opinion on the subject, but I wanted to throw it out to Y&H Nation: Is it true? If you're in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics should you head directly to a Chinese restaurant?

  • Lou

    I can vouch. Best. Dim. Sum. Ever.

  • Daniel

    Vancouver's Chinatown is certainly excellent, but I would give the nod to Toronto. Toronto has arguably the best Chinese food in North America, yes, better than NYC, SF, and LA.

  • Akron Assassin

    I went there to a chinese noodle shop, Legendary Noodle. It is amazing.

    If you want the real chinese food in Vancouver, you can go to the Chinatown or, better yet, head to Richmond.