Young and Hungry

The Hidden Cost of Snow Storms for Restaurateurs

timnotes101112 371_optThe ground beef and buns arrived today, which meant that all three locations of BGR: The Burger Joint could finally reopen for business. Now co-owner Mark Bucher is just waiting for the bill.

Nope, not for delivering supplies in blizzard conditions. But for something with a potentially higher price tag: shoveling.

"The real 'hurt'," e-mails Bucher today, "is going to be when restaurants get their 'common area maintenance' bills for jan and feb. The snow removal costs will be a back breaker for every type of tenant. Landlords pass those expenses through to tenants based on a pro rata share."

And how much could that cost restaurants?

"No idea. That's the scary part," Bucher responds. "Couple grand a store probably."

  • Nikki

    I must eat more Greek burgers to help absorb the costs!!! I'll start tomorrow at lunch. We'll eat through this Mark!

  • hmm

    Curious about Taylor going to Philly to get their meats... I saw logs of "arezzio" brand meat in their store's counter last time I was in there. that's a sysco brand, which should be available locally.