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Where Do You Stand on China’s Dog-Eating Habits?

The Chinese government is considering a ban on dog meat in the country, which has consumed the animal for centuries without much of a moral burp. But according to this Al Jazeera report, the budding Chinese middle class has started to adopt the Western habit of pet ownership, making many queasy about skinning and butchering Snoopy for dinner.

I have to admit that few issues reveal my hypocrisy on flesh eating like dog meat. No doubt because Carrie and I dote on this little creature at home. I feel some sympathy for the Chinese who enjoy their dog meat and must now consider going, alas, cold turkey. Don't get me wrong. I don't think I could eat dog meat myself, but I cannot attack another culture's meat-eating habits when I, myself, regularly eat (and savor) an animal considered holy in another culture.

I have no doubt that if I befriended a pig or cow or chicken (though likely not a turkey, the mean bastards), I'd never want to eat pork or beef or fried chicken again. This is why I never plan to befriend a pig or cow or chicken.

So where do you stand on the consumption of dog meat?

  • http://yeah Keith Mitchell

    I lived in China for over a year, and the condemnation of their cultural eating habits truly upsets me. Like you said in your post, its not our place to criticize them for their ways. Its embedded deep in their culture, for centuries a dog was no different than a pig or a cow. So just because the west decides to domesticate an animal the chinese become barbaric? If India suddenly launched a scathing attack on america for our consumption of cows, how would we react?

    I ate dog in China, and it tasted quite good. China eat as much pooch as you want. Its not America or any other countries responsibility to tell you what to eat and what not to eat.

  • Helena Himm

    @ Mitchell, I think it is the Chinese government itself starting the Ban over the dog meat right? I understand what you mean by mentioning the West and the animals we decide to domesticate and the ones we decide to kill to eat, but again isn't the government making this decision?

    @ Tim, Unless there is an extinction situation with the "dog" I wouldn't justify their radical change of eating habits for the society.

    Would I eat it? My answer to this question about almost anything will always be Yes.

  • Eden

    I am an ambivalent/lazy vegan (meaning, while I'm not chowing down on steak, there are times I fall to allure of the Big Slice) but I honestly don't care if people eat meat.

    That out of the way, for me, bottom line is: You're either cool with eating animals or you're not. You don't get to pick and chose which animals are worthy of not being eaten (except, you know, maybe humans. I'll allow that). If someone wants to say "I would never eat dog" that's one thing, but to me, it's entirely different to say "No one should eat dog ever." (Nevermind the kind of racist ton that comes with a lot of the condemnation).

    Every culture -- and every person, for that matter -- is allowed to decide what animals they do and do not want to eat. But it's not our place to decide those things for them. I mean, sure, in principle, I'm against eating meat -- any meat -- but I understand that's my own personal decision.

    Which is to say I would never eat dog and I find the idea, personally, kind of horrifying. But not necessarily more so than people eating pig or cow or guinea pig.

  • Guide to Brewing

    Do chinese eat cats? Yes.... Some areas eat cats, but they view cats as meat.. Oh god!

  • Luke Thomas

    Those china freaks eat both dogs and cats; in Guangdong China they boil alive 10,000 cats a day. If these freaks want to westernize, they better leave the sweet and sour kitty and kung poa puppy off the menu. They even eat DOG PENIS SOUP! There are millions of people who BOYCOTT anything made in China because of their world famous cruelty to animals. Let me tell you how much I hate China because of their cruelty to animals: On my May 12, 2008-on my birthday, a lovely earthquake killed 90,000 Chinese. It was the best birthday present I ever had. Thank you God. Now please God deliver to China a 10+ magnitude earthquake and swallow alive all of those disgusting cat and dog meat eaters. Amen. I HATE CHINA! BOYCOTT ALL CHINA PRODUCTS!

  • Luke Thomas

    An animal activist shown me a video what goes on in Guangdong China. They eat so many cats there, the kitties are rare and people even steal people's pets to eat them. They import them from northern China and dozens are packed tightly in small chicken wire cages, and stacked high like cargo. Some suffocate from this. They throw the wire cages off the trucks, not caring that it breaks their bones and tails with the impact. And crush ribs. The lucky ones die. A far worse fate will happen. They are thrown into giant potato sacks, still alive and writhing in the bag. The bag full of LIVE CATS are tossed into scalding BOILING water and these poor cats are BOILED ALIVE. Some are still taken out of the bag somewhat alive after this scalding, and they skin them alive, still breathing. Watching this video traumatized me. I realize most of you don't care about this. Most of you have no feelings. But next time you boil some water, please stick your entire arm in there and see how it feels. Now imagine that happening to your whole body, in your eyes, ears, lungs. And slowly die like that. Enjoy your cat meat. That's how cruel and hideous these Chinese are. This is beyond cruel. This is beyond anything more despicable I ever seen or heard of. SO yes I do pray to God PLEASE bury alive these sick Chinese with earthquakes-Please God CURSE the land - and may they ALL BURN IN HEL L for all eternity. These Chinese know what they are doing.

  • Amy

    luke thomas should be quiet b/c we dont exactly treat our cow and chickens here with that much greater care and respect than china with their dogs and cats.

    who cares..meat is meat. if you wanna eat it b/c it's good or b/c in your country there IS no meat - go ahead. In some countries they do not have chicken or cow so they have to resort to dog/cat for meat. give it a break and stop being hypocritical.

  • Sandy

    These chinese ppl r real dump ass holes....Westren countries should ban the china products and dump these ass countery out of the world

  • Monie

    I agree with individual cultures and respect it. But what I can't respect is the method in which these dogs are treated before slaughter. They torture the dogs and cats before slaughtering them. They break their legs on purpose they beat them senseless they feed them people feces and very little water. I don't think an animal should be subjected like that if they are being sacrificed for sustenance. I don't think I would eat a dog who has been fed people feces. I wouldn't eat a dog or cat at all period.... Many people die each year from eating a dog who has rabies and they eat these dogs with out being weary of where these dogs were found. I am disgusted with this issue. I am happy to hear that China is finally taking positive step to end the gruesome habit of eating mans best friend. I have two dogs, who I love very much and I consider them a family member. I do understand the conundrum with cows, pigs and etc, but dogs is something totally different. People are meat you don't see humans eating human flesh. We're considered animals. What about that....

  • Gary lewis

    If I saw someone hurting a dog or a cat I would quickly retaliate with force to protect the animal !

  • prerna

    Luke Thomas... i love you... i love you for what you said.... thank god there are people who do feel this way. yes a lovely earthquake killed Chinese cocksuckers... and i pray to god... please inflict a 10+ earthquake on China so that the yellow skin bastards all get mutilated. I would love to see such a site. The day i see in the newspaper, a bunch of Chinese half-dead waiting for death on the road, i will actually cut that photo out, get it nicely framed and kiss it everyday :) Here all you dog-eaters... i would love to see any one who eats dog.. dying.. with aids, getting burnt alive... mutilated..

    And you Keith Mitchell... why do i smell a fake name??? I think u r one of those yellow skinned cruel gutter born tick who eats dogs in China. Why are you using a western name you slut... go get fucked by your papa... that is as sick as eating dog. if you can eat dog.. you can surely give a blow job to your daddy.. so go now mitchell.. your old dad must be waiting to cum on your fucking dog-eating face...

  • rachel

    there should be a ban on dog and cats now ur talking!! they dont need this look how sad they r why do it its disgusting u got to put a law down the united states does do the same shut down their place end this torture they r not bothering u why kill for meat gross i cry and see pics like that please end this please if u get this get comment write me back stop this put a ban on both animals for good!!!!

  • John Ryan

    Amy you are bitch and a coward if you support cruelty.Dogs and cats are carnivores,predators stupid fool instead cows are herbivores.Anyway cruelty is always wrong.Simply you can't eat predators who eat meet dumbass!

  • John Carter

    Seriously guys? Could you BE more hypocritical? What do you think would happen if Hindus, who revere the cow as holy, told AMERICANS to stop slaughtering them? An outrage, that's what. So why is it so normal for US to tell the Chinese to stop their practices? Because Americans think "OMG it's so cute, I would never eat it!", but yet you still eat beef and pork. Cuteness as a reason to kill/not kill an animal? Do you think the ANIMAL knows its cute? No, I didn't think so.

    And do you really think that the beef and pork here were given the royal treatment before they were killed? If you do, you are one deluded, naive idiot. First see the conditions of animals in your own backyard, THEN tell the Chinese that they should "mend" their ways. Go on, tell them.

    Western ignorance at its finest.

  • benjamin

    So because our culture is cruel to animals that gives a license to other cultures to do the same? neither is justified. there is plenty of publicity regarding the horrible conditions of American farms. that's not the subject of this article. the idea is to reduce the suffering of animals, globally. I don't eat beef or pork, I'll eat chicken occasionally if it came from a free range farm, fish if it can be caught sustainably so I don't feel hypocritical criticism animal cruelty or environmentally destructive farming practices. But seriously, anyone who can in good conscience eat an animal that had its legs broken, left overnight, then skinned/burned alive the next morning....its inexcusable in the U.S. (the U.S. fur industry does similar things) and its similarly inexcusable in China. stop being cruel- no cultural distinction.

  • Esme

    India has atleast as many poor and starving people as China does. More perhaps, The Indian govt often tends to be ineffectual. But while animal abuse is no rarity here, I have to say the Chinese are especially brutal in their eating habits. You don't see us boiling animals alive or draining Indian and African forests of tigers and rhinos simply to shove tiger penis or rhino powder down our throat. Cows aren't treated as well as western perceptions would tend to believe [ The Indian leather industry is sickening]. But I tend to find that every poacher my friend at the Wildlife Protection Organisations apprehends always says that he was delivering the pelt or the animal to Chinese markets. For God's sake, quit tormenting the animals. It won't give you an erection.

  • Esme

    For the last time, quit drawing the whole Cows are sacred in India crap. India is the bloody largest leather exporter in the world. You think all that skin comes from cows slaughtered for meat in a country where half the population doesn't eat cow meat?