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The Voltaggio Brothers on Sous Vide: Don’t Try This at Home

When I saw this posted on the Voltaggio Brothers' Web site, I figured it would be some overly geeked-out video in which the studious bros futz with thermal immersion circulators and chambered vacuum sealers. Little did I know that Michael Voltaggio, the unhappy winner of Top Chef, would be employing a microwave.

Even better is the surprising result of Voltaggio's sous vide veggies in the microwave. Most TV chefs, I suspect, would have asked for a second take. Not Michael Voltaggio. He just let it all hang, which is what I love about this vid. Especially the moment when he sort of/kind of says:

"Oh shit...that's what you don't want to happen," he says. "This one actually exploded, which means it's done."

  • Simon


  • rosalind

    I'm actually enjoying these vids. Not too stuffy or overlong.